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WinGo Bag™ Premium Pizza Bags

by Carla Landi


The U.S. pizza market is expected to grow $42.20 million between 2021 and 2025, according to a Technavio report.


With food delivery already extremely popular and as we come into the busiest pizza season, the question is, are you ready to deliver?


It’s an excellent time to get stocked up on delivery solutions and prepare to enjoy the busy and profitable influx of the pizza business. The WinGo Bag™ is a delivery solution engineered for savings and functionality. 


WinGo Premium delivery bags maintain temperatures for up to 45 minutes for extended delivery ranges. They offer multiple heavy-duty carry straps and an integrated reinforced bottom for stabilization and comfort during delivery. Insulated flaps help to retain temperature, and a breathable liner reduces condensation. In addition, the moisture-resistant exterior prevents bacteria, mold, and odors.


All WinGo Premium bags have window pockets for quick identification of orders and to store slips, menus, and custom branding materials. They also have a reflector strip for added safety while delivering.


The BGPZ-1909 is 19”Wx19” Dx9” H and holds four 14” or 16” or three 18” pizza boxes. The BGPZ-2109 is 21.5” Wx21.5” Dx9” H and holds four 16” or three 18” pizza boxes.


The WinGo Bag™ line also includes Premium Catering Bags and Premium Backpacks, all offering the same innovative features as on the Premium Pizza Bags with various sizes, applications, and carrying configurations. 


WinGo Premium Bags are designed to help you Deliver!