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AUGUST 17, 2021

Design Your Dream Bar with Krowne

by Carla Landi


Have you ever thought of designing your dream bar? You may already have a picture of it in your mind. What is your vision? When thinking from the bartender point of view, how can the bar be designed to enhance their talents? What would engage your customers? How could your bar layout increase efficiency, differentiate the bar experience, and bring more profit to your bottom line? Is it possible to design and implement your vision into your perfect bar and see it come to life?


The answer to the last question is YES. Krowne has made it possible for you to design your dream bar with BarFlex3D. All you need is access to a computer, laptop or smartphone and you can start designing your bar in 3D today! The recently released version 2 of BarFlex3D offers supercharged features, including angled fillers, refrigeration options, Revit/AutoCAD integrations, virtual reality compatibility, and more!


Click on the BarFlex3D Configurator link below and start designing now. When you are done designing, submit it to Krowne and their expert bar design team will analyze the layout and provide any recommendations before it goes into production!

BarFlex3D | Build Your Dream Bar Online (


Check out the video for a closer look


You have talented bartenders and mixologists ready to deliver memorable experiences while serving up delicious beverages to your happy customers. Customers are craving a night out with tasty cocktails and a bar they can call their favorite. You know the bar business and the enormous profit potential. You deserve your dream bar.




Visit and start designing from the comfort of your home and visualize your bar like never before.

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