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SouthBend TruVection Ovens Meet the Challenge

The foodservice industry required a low profile, high-performance convection oven designed for a countertop application, stacked or range base, while also allowing cooktop creativity.


The oven should accommodate bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, and other facilities to support their demanding high volume food production necessary for profitability.


Success! TruVection met the challenge by offering a gas convection oven with a patented high-efficiency inshot burner system providing fast cold starts and rapid cavity temperature recovery.


Inshot burners operate with the same concept as a jet engine providing each burner with a single large opening where the air and gas mix. The result is superior uniform baking performance.


Soft heat mixing zone technology allows hot air to be mixed with cooler air from the baking chamber to produce tempered air for even baking and cooking.

An efficient two-stage door sealing system with an integrated doorstop eliminates seal bending/damage. These ovens feature 304 stainless steel spring gaskets, backed with a steel rope gasket on the top and bottom.


A single deck TruVection oven is 27-1/4” in height, and they can stack three high. Just a handful of the many standard features include 52,000 BTU patented, inshot burners, Energy-saving high-efficiency glass windows, heat keeping dual door seal system, 1/2 hp two-speed fan motor, 5-position rack guides, and three chrome-plated oven racks. Built with electronic ignition, cool-down fan mode, and an oven “ready” indicator light, these ovens are ready to go to work for you.


The TruVection oven is unlike any other in our industry today. With versatility at its forefront, the TruVection was born utilizing the same patented airflow and inshot burner design as Southbend’s full-size convection oven lineup, producing a consistent and even bake every time in the lowest profile in the market. Learn more about Southbend Convection Ovens,


Don’t miss your chance to boost your kitchen performance and please your guests with mouth-watering, evenly cooked meals.