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RITZ 685° Silicone Oven Mitts from the John Ritzenthaler Company

By Carla Landi


RITZ 685° Silicone Protective Oven Mitts protect the hands that feed you. We caught up with Kelly Saltsman, from the John Ritzenthaler Company, at the 2019 NAFEM Show. He gave us a closer look and a live demo of the RITZ 685° in action. Kelly proceeded to put his hand in a pot of boiling water wearing the Ritz 685° Mitt and was completely unaffected by what could have been a scorching catastrophe.  The Mitts are, like the name says, temperature resistant up to 685°F. Said to be the strongest protection on the market, they are FDA approved and food-safe. They have a silicone exterior, 100% cotton interior, a unique tread design for grip, and are available in a variety of sizes. Bleach resistant and dishwasher safe, the RITZ 685° protect against steam, boiling water, heat, fryer oil, and flames and they won’t smoke or burn in open flames.


Watch the video for a closer look.