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Pitco’s Reduced Oil Volume Fryers with Automatic Filtration

By Carla Landi


Pitco reduces costly oil expenses for operations with their new Reduced Oil Volume Fryers. Their ROV fryers start out with a 40% reduction in oil needed at the initial fill by reducing the cold zone by 40%. This means that their 50 lb. capacity fryers only require 30 lbs. of oil.


They took it a step further by increasing the oil life with an automatic filtration and automatic top off system. These fryers are equipped with an oil quality sensor that tests the quality of the oil by determining the total polar compounds in the oil. It’s the most accurate way to determine the oil quality. Not only does the fryer let you know when the oil needs to be filtrated, it will do the job for you in about 3-1/2 minutes.


The ease and accuracy of the automatic filtration system results in an increase of oil life from about 7 days to 14-21 days, depending on the menu.


Pitco’s ROV fryers are a game-changer for foodservice operations. They reduce operational expenses for operators, improve the quality of food being produced, and the payback period is only about 6-12 months. You don’t see that everyday.


Watch the video for detailed demonstration of how this works.

Pitco ROV Fryer