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MARKET FORGE Eco-Tech Plus Steamer

Do you have a small kitchen where efficiency is critical? Could you benefit from a steamer and holding cabinet in one? How about a steamer that uses only 8 gallons an hour instead of the 120 gallons in a typical two-compartment steamer?


Look no further. The Eco-Tech Plus Atmospheric Steamer from Market Forge Industries is a stainless steel atmospheric steamer with two cooking compartments, each with an independent close-coupled atmospheric electric steam generator. The industry-first, ETP-10E, is the only Atmospheric Twin Generator Steamer that comes complete with a self-contained water filter system.


The Eco-Tech Plus incorporates a water management system that reduces the amount of water used to condense generated steam, resulting in substantial savings on energy-related costs.


Let’s recap the benefits contained in these units.


• Built-in Water Treatment System


• Less than 15 gallons of water per hour


• Ten pan capacity


• Steamer and holding cabinet in one


Eco-Tech Plus cooking compartments and cabinets are stainless steel with unitized body construction, have removable left, right, and rear body panels, and are mounted on four 6” adjustable stainless steel flanged feet. Each cooking compartment has a positive, fully insulated, slam-action door constructed of type 316 stainless steel. A one-piece, NSF Approved silicone rubber gasket is mounted on the inside of the door. For additional safety, compartments are equipped with door interlock switches that automatically cut off power to the gas valve when the doors are opened.


Steam cooking is a versatile method of preparing a variety of dishes, from the perfect hard-boiled egg to protein such as chicken and fish. Retherm soups, chili, and sauces. Lock-in flavor, valuable vitamins, and color in vegetables and legumes.


Cook healthier and smarter with the Market Forge ETP-10E Steamer and Holding Cabinet. Your customers will love the healthy and tasty food you serve. You will love the additional savings and benefits to your operation.