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NOVEMBER 9, 2021

Vulcan MSA Series and 900RX Series Flat Top Griddles

by Carla Landi


When taking care of those high-profit breakfast cravings, griddles are a favorite among chefs for cooking pancakes, eggs, bacon, French toast, hash browns, and more. In addition, they are the go-to for lunch and dinner menu items, allowing chefs to cook the perfect burgers, sandwiches, you name it. In fact, flat top griddles enable chefs to manage several orders simultaneously: burgers in one heat zone, hash browns in another, eggs in another.


Vulcan griddles are built for fast, high heat cooking with excellent temperature control for consistent results. The next-level features, performance, and reliability keep operators turning to Vulcan again and again. Menu change? No problem. Chefs know they can fire up these griddles to cook a variety of menu items quickly and efficiently.


The MSA Series Flat Top Griddles are built for countertop use and cost less to operate than competitive models, while still carrying its share of the cooking load. The quick recovery times keep the temperature up and the plates moving with minimal flavor transfer, ensuring a more consistent product.


The 900RX Series Flat Top Griddle has a low profile, dual ignition, and a snap-action thermostat that offers exceptional response for quicker recovery time and consistent results. Plus, this griddle has fewer BTUs required to operate.

Let’s take a closer look at just 4 of the Core Benefits of the Vulcan MSA Series and the 900RX Series Flat Top Griddles.


Embedded Mechanical Snap-Action Thermostat

Why is this important? It achieves consistent temperature control from 200-550°F in every 12″ of the cooking zone on a steel griddle plate or 200-450°F on a Rapid Recovery™ composite griddle plate. As a result, you can rely on a superior response to cooking loads for fast recovery and reliable results.


Fully-Welded Frame

It stands the test of time in the most demanding kitchen environments. The fully welded frame also offers ease of cleaning, which is a significant plus for operators.


Gas Control System

Critical for safety, there is one supervised pilot safety valve for every two burners. The valve completely shuts the gas off to the pilot and burners if the pilot extinguishes or the gas supply is interrupted.


Rapid Recovery (MSA) and Dual Ignition (900RX)

The MSA Series offers an exclusive Rapid Recovery™ plate as an option, meaning it transfers heat 5x faster than a traditional steel plate, using every square inch of cooking surface for increased production – nearly 9% more lb./hr. than a steel plate.  The 900RX Series offers Dual Ignition mode, which enables easy and convenient lighting of the unit with electric ignition (requires 120V) or removes the need to use electricity with manual ignition.


These Vulcan griddles don’t take a lot of space or cost a lot to operate, but they deliver! Check out the video and see how you can fire up a Vulcan griddle in your operation.

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