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NOVEMBER 1, 2023

Upgrade Your Kitchen with the Imperial IR-6 Range: The Chef’s Choice for Modern Restaurants

In the bustling world of the restaurant business, every minute, every movement, and every flame counts. And while many tools help chefs create their culinary masterpieces, nothing quite plays a central role as the commercial range. That's why many restaurant owners continue to rely on the Imperial IR-6 Range - the epitome of efficiency, quality, and durability in a compact package.

The Perfect Fusion of Form and Function

Constructed with a full stainless steel body, the Imperial IR-6 stands out not only for its gleaming finish but also for its longevity. From the burner box to the top grate and burner supports, the use of stainless steel promises durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear. The thoughtful design extends to a low-profile landing ledge, making it convenient for chefs to keep essential tools close by. Newly designed door assemblies ensure a tight seal, while the increased diameter of the oven door handle and a more expansive oven door opening enhance accessibility and user-friendliness.

Unparalleled Cooking Efficiency

Empower your chefs with six open burners that pave the way for simultaneous cooking. The PyroCentric™ burners produce two rings of flames to ensure even heat distribution, allowing for consistent results. With the anti-clogging feature and a standing pilot for each burner, chefs are assured of instant, hassle-free ignition. The 35,000 BTU oven’s unique linear burner ensures uniform heating, whether it’s baking a tray of pastries or braising a pot roast. Its spacious interiors, designed to fit 18 by 26-inch sheet pans in either direction, offer flexibility for varied culinary needs.

Ease of Maintenance

Time spent cleaning is time away from crafting delicious dishes. Recognizing this, the IR-6 comes with easily removable front and back grates, constructed from heavy-duty cast iron. The porcelainized interior of the oven ensures that cleaning is a breeze, and the lift-off oven door feature further simplifies the cleaning process.

Safety First

Safety in the kitchen is paramount. The seven cool-to-touch control knobs, made of durable cast aluminum, ensure that chefs can adjust settings without the risk of burns. 

For restaurant owners seeking to elevate their kitchen capabilities, the Imperial IR-6 36" Restaurant Series Gas Range is an investment in efficiency, durability, and unparalleled cooking power. Give your chefs the tools they need to succeed and watch as your restaurant becomes the talk of the town.

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