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SEPTEMBER 17, 2021

The Randell Cheeser Station™

by Carla Landi




Randell, a Unified Brands company, recently introduced the Cheeser Station™ to help operators increase profits and enhance creative opportunities when prepping one of the most sought-after menu items in the US …Pizza!


Pizzas are one of the top ordered food items, and the demand for pizza continues to grow in popularity year after year. According to the NPD Market Research Group, there were 1.2 billion servings of pizza ordered in the quarter ending in June 2021, up +4% from last year same quarter.


Many operators are getting creative with ingredients to differentiate their pizza offerings. Others, on the other hand, find it challenging to maintain consistent prep and quality control when prepping pizzas in a high-demand environment. The innovative Cheeser Station™ is here to help in both cases while offering reduced food waste, better control over cheese usage, and increased consistency in a fast-paced environment.


The Cheeser Station™ is a refrigerated holding bin that accommodates 30 pounds of cheese, with a stainless steel grate to hold the pizza during preparation. Any cheese that doesn’t land on the pizza during prep ends up back in the holding bin, resulting in 100% cheese utilization, which adds up significantly over time. In addition, the optional scale helps operators control the quantity of cheese used for each pizza.


It runs on an energy-efficient R290 compressor system and includes visible external electronic controls for quick verification of proper settings. At only two feet wide, the Randell Cheeser Station does all this without taking up valuable space.


If you could remove the cheese from the prep table, what topping ingredients would you add for exciting new menu items? How much profit would you maintain if every shred of cheese hit the pizza?



Create a systematic and profitable pizza prep operation and grab that market share.  Find out how you can see a return on investment in as little as six months with the Randell Cheeser Station™ ROI calculator.


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