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FEBRUARY 6, 2024

The Heavy-Duty Garland Cuisine Series

Innovation meets culinary excellence.

Discover the pinnacle of culinary innovation with the Garland Cuisine Series, where quality construction and inspired design converge to redefine your kitchen. The Cuisine Series, crafted with the discerning chef in mind, guarantees rugged durability and thoughtful construction, setting the standard in performance and aesthetics.


Unrivaled Construction and Design.

Experience the ultimate in kitchen luxury. The Garland Cuisine Series, built on a robust 36" or 48” chassis, boasts a spacious worktop, providing a perfect canvas for the bustling kitchen. The range top showcases maximum output, high-efficiency Starfire Pro burners, spillage-protected pilot lights, and seamless one-piece grates and bowls for effortless pot movement.



The Ultimate Line-up for Your Dream Kitchen.

Tailor your kitchen to perfection. The Garland Cuisine Series provides many options, including French tops, griddles, charbroilers, and open burners. Complement your setup with a complete range of matching equipment, from fryers to pasta cookers or radiant and charcoal briquette broilers, ensuring your culinary space is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We understand the importance of versatility in the kitchen, which is why the Garland Cuisine Series offers a variety of base options. Choose from standard or convection ovens, or storage bases with or without doors, tailored to suit your specific needs and preferences. And, with modular tops that seamlessly integrate with refrigerated bases or stands, you have the freedom to create your ideal culinary workstation.


Starfire Pro Burners for Unmatched Performance.

Achieve faster time-to-boil and superior cooking performance with Garland Cuisine Series open burners. Industry-leading power, with 35,000 BTU for 12" burners and 40,000 BTU for 18" burners, combined with a one-piece dual venturi, guarantees efficient burner performance and even heat distribution.


Effortless Clean-Up for Time Efficiency.

Garland Cuisine prioritizes cleanability. From easily removable grates and bowls to burner heads and split grease trays, our design ensures a swift end-of-day clean-up. Stainless-steel surfaces further simplify maintenance, providing a hassle-free kitchen experience.


Inspired Design for a Sleek Ambiance.

Infuse your kitchen with modern elegance through the Garland Cuisine Series' European-inspired design. Featuring an easy-to-grip belly bar, matching stay-cool door handle, die-cast knobs, and perforated flue cap and side panel, our range seamlessly marries food and art, giving your kitchen a sleek new look.



Efficient Ovens for Precision Cooking.

Experience effective temperature control with Garland Cuisine Series ovens. The heavy-duty thermostat, ranging from 150°F to 500°F (66°C to 260°C), ensures precise performance for baking and outstanding low-range control roasting. Ovens come standard with porcelain interiors. If you prefer a stainless steel interior, you can order that as an option.


A Better Bake.

The Garland Cuisine Series convection oven base features an innovative fan design that delivers superior air circulation within the oven cavity. Self-cooling fans prevent motor failure from overheating, provide unparalleled reliability, and require no clearance when installed in back-to-back or standard against-the-wall setups. The convection oven base also features a semi-automatic ignition for heat on demand. Energized power-up, pilot ignition, and re-ignition are at your fingertips without a match or piezo device.



A Powerful Reputation in the Kitchen.

Garland's Cuisine Series is born from years of front-line experience and superior craftsmanship. Widely recognized for reliability, durability, and functionality, Garland sets the standard for high-performance ranges that kitchens demand.



Garland Commercial Ranges Celebrates 160 Years of Innovation and Culinary Excellence.

Garland is a leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial kitchen equipment. With a legacy dating back to the Michigan Stove Company, Garland has been at the forefront of culinary innovation since its inception in 1864. The company's commitment to quality and innovation continues to shape the future of commercial kitchens.

Garland remains dedicated to providing innovative solutions that empower chefs and culinary professionals worldwide. Learn more at Garland Group.

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