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JANUARY 27, 2016

The Blodgett Hoodini – Watch Exhaust Disappear

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Recently, I met with Stephanie Martin, Vice President of Regional Sales, and Executive Chef Joe Arvin from Blodgett. They introduced me to the new Hoodini: not a famous escape artist, but a new Ventless Hood System from Blodgett.


The Hoodini is a completely self-contained ventilation system. It combines a catalytic converter to remove smoke and odors, and a condenser to remove steam and exhaust. What makes it so magical is that it has no filters to clean or replace.


The Hoodini is designed to mount atop the Blodgett Mini Combi oven. This brings Combi speed and power to locations where installing a hood is impossible, or just plain economically impractical. Some of those applications include kiosks, high-rise buildings, historical buildings, front of house, and those tight kitchen areas with no space for a hood.


In third party testing, the Hoodini met and exceeded the performance requirements for EPA approval…even when cooking high fat items like raw bacon and skin-on, bone-in chicken. It makes oven exhaust disappear!


Watch the video below to learn more and watch the Hoodini in action.

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