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AUGUST 16, 2023

Southbend on Electrification of the Industry

The foodservice industry is changing. Electrification of the industry is a fast-growing trend showing no signs of slowing down. With this in mind, businesses need to embrace the direction toward the electrification of equipment or risk being left behind.


Is your business ready for the future?
Discover why the electrification of commercial kitchens is the number one industry trend and how your business can get on board.


Why is Electrification a Growing Trend in Commercial Kitchens?

Electrification is increasingly being embraced throughout many sectors, with the introduction of electric vehicles in the automotive sector being a prime example. Now the foodservice industry is adopting its shift towards electrification.


Here are some of the reasons for the emergence of this fast-growing trend:


Emissions and Environmental Concerns

Information from the EPA states restaurants use up to ten times more energy than other commercial properties. With environmental concerns high on the agenda for many states, many are introducing changes to reduce emissions within their jurisdictions. Currently, 17 states plan to introduce mandates requiring new commercial buildings to use all electric appliances. California’s ambitious Climate Plan is an example of aggressive strides toward electrification, making electric appliances in new builds mandatory as part of its pledge to be zero carbon by 2045.


Staff Health and Safety

The health and safety of staff is a priority in every commercial kitchen. Upgrading from gas to electric broilers can help increase workplace comfort and safety by reducing the heat in the kitchen and eliminating gas leak potential. Introducing electric broilers can greatly improve indoor air quality, as fumes are significantly reduced. The lack of a naked flame and gas connectivity makes electric broilers safer for busy commercial kitchens.


Cost Savings
Electric is much more efficient than gas. Converting from gas to electric equipment can save significant dollars on utility costs annually, depending on your area.


Introducing Southbend’s Electric Broilers



Are you ready to embrace electrification in your commercial kitchen? Here at Southbend, we can make the transition simple. We have taken our most popular broilers and electrified them.


The E-270, E-170, E-171, and HDEB-24-316L all have high-tech features that make cooking a breeze while offering the following advantages.


· Increased energy efficiency

· 1420°F ceramic element temp

· 1000°F top rack position temp

· No fumes

· No flare-ups – elements are unaffected by grease splatter

· Same footprint and capacity as gas models

· Front serviceability


Electric broilers enable you to cook steaks and burgers to perfection while reducing carbon emissions by more than 75% compared to gas appliances.


Building on over 100 years of experience, Southbend is bringing its expertise to the electrification of commercial cooking appliances, and this is just the beginning.


Cut carbon emissions and utility costs without compromising on food quality or control. Explore our range of new electric broilers today.

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