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APRIL 9, 2020

Social Distancing Solutions for Foodservice Operations

By Carla Landi


Several foodservice equipment and supply manufacturers are providing solutions for the challenges social distancing presents to foodservice operators, grocery stores, and other essential businesses.  Be sure to stay in contact with your Dealer consultant.  They have the industry relationships and knowledge to help you. Being the first to know, they're working hard to make sure you know what’s available and how to get what you need to lead your operation through this challenging time.

Social Distance Floor Mats

This is ideal for foodservice, grocery, and any business that would like to replace the tape on the floor with attractive mats that convey the message.  Cactus Mat came up with a creative way to help you go the distance. Customers can keep the distance with these attractive and functional floor mats.

Protective Guards and Shields

CALMIL offers cash register and suspended guard plastic barriers for the safety of your team and guests. These high clarity, impact resistant barriers include hardware for installation. Custom options are available.

Checkout Shields

This easy-to-install Checkout Shield ensures the protection of your employees and customers by separating them from sneezes or coughs during cashier transactions. The durable, professional look of the shield lets customers know that their safety is your top priority

Flexible Lightweight Barrier

This clear, sanitary-positive barrier at point-of-sale is designed to improve health and safety, while preserving friendly, face-to-face customer interaction. The simple design, as a countertop stand or hanging-ceiling version, makes assembly and installation extremely easy. Highly stable, yet lightweight for convenient mobility from one counter space to another.

Infrared No-Contact Forehead Thermometers

Cooper-Atkins, a leader in food safety thermometers, announced they will have an infrared forehead thermometer for medical (human) use available by the end of April. Model 4DET-306 is an infrared that has the FDA 510K certification.

In addition to product solutions for your operation, manufacturers and dealer consultants are researching and sharing resources to help foodservice operations navigate through this challenging time.


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