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MAY 29, 2024

Revolutionize Your Walk-In Cooler with Berner Air Curtains


In the commercial food industry, the walk-in cooler is a critical asset. However, it's also often a hub of energy inefficiency and a potential risk area for food safety. Berner Air Curtains offer a targeted solution to these challenges, revolutionizing the way walk-in coolers function in businesses across the nation.


Adhering to DOE Standards with Smart Technology: 

In response to the DOE's energy consumption standards under the Energy Independence & Security Act of 2007, Berner Air Curtains emerge as a compliant, efficient choice. By targeting the specific issue of air infiltration in walk-in coolers, these air curtains serve as an integral method to maintain energy control.


The Battle Against Energy Loss in Restaurants and Supermarkets
Consider this: infiltration of warm and moist air is responsible for over half of the compressor cooling load in walk-in coolers. With restaurants dedicating approximately 20% of their total energy usage to refrigeration—and supermarkets even more, at nearly 40%—the efficiency of Berner Air Curtains in reducing unnecessary cooling demands becomes clear.


The Real Cost of Temperature Instability
Fluctuations inside walk-in coolers are not just a threat to energy efficiency; they also increase the risk of foodborne illnesses, which the CDC highlights as a significant health concern. By maintaining just 2-3 degrees below the safe internal food temperature, Berner Air Curtains help stabilize cooler environments, keeping both energy costs and health risks low.


An Investment That Pays Off: The Impact on Your Bottom Line
The stats don't lie: introducing a Berner Air Curtain to your walk-in cooler can lead to a 27% reduction in compressor run times. This adjustment equates to tangible savings—approximately $447 annually, a figure that underscores the financial savvy of choosing Berner. Furthermore, with restaurants spending about a third of their budget on ingredients, reducing food waste through proper storage is a direct avenue to cost savings.


Berner Air Curtains embody the triple benefit for businesses: compliance with energy standards, prevention of foodborne illnesses, and substantial monetary savings. As the food industry continues to navigate rising costs and environmental responsibilities, the smart integration of technology like Berner Air Curtains represents not just an operational necessity, but a strategic advantage.

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