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APRIL 16, 2021

Nemco Easy Chopper 3™

by Carla Landi

Maximizing kitchen efficiency, especially when it comes to food prep, is critical for every foodservice operation. Nemco's new Easy Chopper 3™ answers the call, allowing operators to easily chop, slice, and wedge produce with consistent quality, reduced prep time, and significant labor savings. Foodservice operators love it.


Its exclusive features take this chopper to the next level, including a color-coded push block/blade set that simplifies blade and block changes, avoiding operator error in fast-paced prep situations that can cause damaging mismatches.


The increased base height allows chopped produce to fall directly into a 1/6 or 1/3 size six-inch food pan or a two-quart round pan, saving steps on the prep line.


Blade assemblies are completely separate from the guide rods making them easily interchangeable without having to remove the bumpers and the gasket innovation and highly resilient nylon-based resin added to each push-block, make it a labor-efficiency game changer.


The cleaning gasket made of durable synthetic nylon is easily removed with a simple pull of its two tabs for easy cleaning, saving time and reducing stress between tasks.

Nemco hit it out of the park with the introduction of the Easy Chopper 3™. Your foodservice team will love the ease of use, improved efficiency, and the ability to get their prep work done even faster and easier.

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