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APRIL 18, 2024

Mavrik™ Parts: Redefining Cost-Efficiency in Foodservice Equipment

As we slice through the complexities of today’s economy, the focus on operational cost efficiency is sharper than ever. Service agents and operators are searching for reliable, quality alternatives to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, which often come at a premium. Enter Mavrik™ parts, offering a reprieve from high costs without sacrificing the integrity of service.  

What Are OEM and OEM-Equivalent Parts?

OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of the original equipment, designed to fit and function perfectly with their products. However, this often comes at a higher cost. Mavrik™’s parts perform equivalently compared to OEM parts. They provide the same functionality, reliability, and safety but at a more accessible price point – making them an attractive option for cost-conscious foodservice operations. In fact, Mavrik™ parts are often made in the exact same factory as their OEM counterparts.  

The Economic Advantage of Mavrik™ for Service Agents:

With Mavrik™ parts, service agents find a silver lining in the current economic landscape. Offering a 29% average cost reduction compared to OEM parts, Mavrik™ parts don't just promise savings—they deliver them. This reduction can also translate to significant profit growth for service agents, all without the need to lower service call pricing. In a sector where downtime equates to lost revenue, foodservice operators typically face around 10.5 repairs annually, with a significant 81% being non-warranty issues. This is where Mavrik™ parts make a substantial difference. Understanding that operators value rapid response—expecting repairs within just 2 hours—service agents equipped with Mavrik™ parts can meet these demands with confidence. With the discretion to select the most efficient and cost-effective parts for non-warranty repairs, Mavrik™ empowers service agents to keep their service call pricing competitive, thereby safeguarding their margins and enhancing annual profitability.

Quality, Warranty, and Trust:

Mavrik™ stands behind the quality of its parts with a 180-day warranty—doubling the standard period offered by most OEM parts. This level of warranty support is unprecedented and signals a strong confidence in the longevity and performance of Mavrik™ parts. Moreover, a worry-free 90-day return policy allows service agents and operators to trial Mavrik™ parts, ensuring they meet the high standards required.

 Enhanced Efficiency for Business Operations:

The operational benefits of Mavrik™ parts go beyond just cost savings. With their wide compatibility and availability, Mavrik™ parts contribute to reduced equipment downtime, providing a steady stream of essential components for quick and effective repairs. This reliability is crucial for maintaining the pace in a high-demand industry, directly contributing to customer satisfaction and retention.

A Choice That Aligns with Service Excellence:

Mavrik™ parts resonate with the fundamental requirements of operators: prompt and correct repairs. By offering the same level of function and safety, Mavrik™ allows service agents the discretion to use high-quality parts without impacting the bottom line or compromising on service call pricing.

The current economic landscape demands a strategic approach to cost management without compromising on service quality. In a market that's always heating up, Mavrik™ keeps your operations cool and collected.

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