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MARCH 14, 2024

Glass Washers for Beer Clean Glasses from Bar Maid by Winco

Bar Maid understands the importance of serving a cold beer to your customers in a BEER CLEAN glass and the effects it can have on your profits and your reputation. Barmaid's A-200 and SS-100 Electric Glass Washers provide an easy step to ensuring you are serving the best glass of beer to your customers.



So, what does a BEER CLEAN glass mean?


Beer clean is an industry term for a glass free of any impurities that would allow CO2 to cling to it, ensuring the beer's best look and taste.


The Brewer's Association Draught Beer Quality Manual (DBQM) defines beer clean as a glass that forms a proper foam head, allows lacing during consumption, and never shows patches of bubbles stuck to the side of the glass in the liquid beer.


If a glass is not beer clean, it can compromise the taste, reduce the amount of foam/head, impact the carbonation, and affect the look of your beer. Before checking your draft system for technical issues, confirm that your glassware is as clean as possible. 


Bartenders rely on Bar Maid's A-200 and SS-100 Electric Glass Washers to ensure their glasses are not just clean, but BEER CLEAN? 


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