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JULY 19, 2023

Cooking with Blodgett HydroVection®

What if you could pack superior technology in a convection oven footprint? What if you could achieve 30% faster cook times and 20% better yields? Well, you can with Blodgett HydroVection® with Helix technology. The time and yield improvements on the HydroVection® Helix oven alone bring tremendous value to operations, but there are so many more benefits that come with this smart oven.


The HydroVection® is a split-door oven that combines heat and steam allowing operators to cook with hot air or Hydrovection mode. This oven is Energy Star® qualified, easy to clean, and built to stand the test of time in the most demanding environments with a fully welded, angle iron frame, superior insulation, and triple-mounted simultaneous doors. The capacity allows operators to cook five 18”x26” pans simultaneously.


Blodgett's HydroVection® features patented Helix technology that forces air into the oven cavity improving product quality while reducing cooking times. Flavors are enhanced, and baking is even with consistent color and better caramelization. Roasted meats have intensified flavor with perfect caramelization. Baked products have a higher rise, better crumbs, and improved yields.


Blodgett took the HydroVection® Helix HVH-100 a step further with a SmartTouch2™ control that provides a user-friendly 7” display screen putting rack timing, USB interface, HACCP data storage, unlimited recipes, and consistent cooking control at their fingertips.


The HydroVection® with Helix technology is perfect for restaurants, schools, hospitals, assisted living communities, ala carte applications, and more. It comes down to Hybrid cooking with moisture and hot air that delivers consistent, high-quality results, improved efficiency, and increased profits.


Blodgett put together a value analysis for full transparency of the opportunities gained and solutions solved with the Hydrovection® Helix.


Using very conservative numbers, here’s an example of profits gained by improved labor, food cost, and energy based on $100 fry oil/week and $375 meat/week for 312 work days.


Lowering Labor by 4hr @ $10.00/hr. = $40.00/Day

Lowering Kitchen Power & A/C = $4.00/Day

Reducing Fry Oil by 25% = $4.17/Day

Improving Meat Yield by 10% = $6.25/Day


Estimated Projected Savings

Day Savings: $54.42

Week Savings: $326.52

Month Savings: $1,414.92

Year Savings: $16,979.04


If you want to learn more about how the HydroVection® Helix and the complete line-up of Blodgett Solutions can bring value to your operation, check out


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