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JANUARY 13, 2016

Carlisle CoolCheck™ Batter Pro System

By Carla Landi


Carlisle’s CoolCheck™ Batter Pro System provides a new way to set up your breading stations. Ingredients are kept at the proper temperature during the entire battering process. Utilizing Carlisle’s CoolCheck™ technology, pans hold food safely for 6 to 8 hours and change color when temperatures are no longer safe.


The pans are insulated so operators can set them up anywhere in a minimal amount of space. The kit eliminates cumbersome ice baths for storing previously used ingredients and saves your expensive food products from being thrown away.


This is a great and affordable preparation solution designed to deliver consistent results without the worry of food safety, food quality, and food waste. The opportunities are endless for restaurants, catering operations, stadiums, and more.


Watch the video where Chef Matt Burton from Carlisle talks about the benefits of Carlisle’s Batter Pro System.

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