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JANUARY 18, 2016

Cambro Food Pan Seal Covers

By Carla Landi


Cambro has you covered when it comes to protecting your food investment and your bottom line. Cambro, an expert in food storage, has been very diligent about conducting studies and researching ways for foodservice operators to control food costs.


We know that purchasing food products is a very important and expensive part of owning a successful restaurant. In fact, statistics gathered by the National Restaurant Association, show that food costs comprise 28-35% of the typical, profitable restaurant’s costs. So, even a 5% loss due to food waste can significantly impact the bottom line.


The trick to maximizing shelf life and reducing food waste is to control the food’s environment by keeping out elements that have a degenerative effect on the food. These elements include air and oxygen, micro-organisms, enzymes, and moisture.


In response to the food waste challenge, Cambro came up with a seal cover that perfectly fits a commercial grade storage container with a full seal flange and a full contact seal all around the pan. These covers seal out air and moisture, and also protect the food against cross-contamination. In fact, studies show that by using Cambro’s Seal Covers on your food pans, you can extend the shelf life of produce two to three days longer than by using plastic wraps, foils or no cover at all.


Make controlling food waste one of your 2016 New Year Resolutions and check out Cambro’s Food Pan Seal Covers.


Watch the video below where industry expert Tania Nelson of Cambro gives a brief description of the benefits of these covers.

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