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SEPTEMBER 27, 2023

Cactus Mat Kitchen Safety Solutions

$25 Ice Machine Mat or $25,000 Workers Comp Claim? Which would you rather pay?

Reduce your Workers Comp liability with safety improvements to your foodservice operations. Slips and falls are the leading causes of time lost in the workplace and can result in serious injuries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has cited fall protection standard violations more frequently than any other standard.

Grease splatters and spills can create a dangerous situation in a busy foodservice kitchen, and it doesn’t take much.

Cactus Mat has solutions!

Investing in workplace safety starts with helping to prevent slips and falls. Cactus provides the solutions with its wide selection of mats, including Ice Machine mats and Walk-In Safety matting. Cactus Mats provide a safer environment for your team to work, add comfort, and reduce fatigue that comes with being on your feet for long periods. The simple step of strategically placing Cactus Mats in your operation demonstrates your compliance and concern with safety standards. Your employees, as well as OSHA, will appreciate you for it.

For instance, Cactus Mat’s NI-RIB Runner 1631 is a great choice for Walk-ins! This versatile Nitrile Rubber Safety Runner is 1/4” thick, reversible with rib side up or knob side up, and grease resistant for areas with minimal exposure to grease. They are lightweight and easy to handle. You can choose the solid NI-RIB mat or the perforated version for applications where drainage is needed. They come in red, grey, and black and are available in three-foot by five-foot, eight-foot, and 10-foot. Custom sizes are also available for special applications.

Cactus Mat has you covered with Mats for every application to meet your specific needs and kitchen safety plan.

Stay a step ahead of a disaster, avoid unwanted surprises, and keep your employees safer and more comfortable. Contact your equipment and supply consultant for Cactus Mat application guidelines and product specifications.

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