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NOVEMBER 15, 2023

Behind the Bar with Krowne

Is your bar ready for the busy holiday season? Are you looking for new ideas to increase your beverage profits? If you answered yes, you should look at what Krowne offers for your bar.


How about showcasing new and creative flavors on tap?



Krowne's KR-SNS MasterTap Sight N' Sip Infuser Faucet provides bartenders and mixologists with an opportunity to create, customize, and showcase the infused drink in a clear sight glass on tap. Consumers crave new beverage flavors and unique social atmospheres, and Krowne gives bartenders unique solutions to help them differentiate the customer's experience. Add Krowne's Sight N' Sip Faucet to standard beer towers, and you're ready to serve. The attractive and sturdy 304 stainless-steel base with a 6" clear sight glass allows bartenders to simply unscrew the top and add fruits and flavors to their desire. The overall dimensions are 2-inch width, 51/8-inch depth, and 117/8-inch height. Click here to watch a short video showing Krowne's KR-SNS MasterTap Sight N' Sip Infuser.



Do you know about Krowne's BeerFlex Configurator?



Introducing Krowne BeerFlex, a cutting-edge and user-friendly solution designed for bar professionals seeking to explore and create cutting-edge beverage dispensing systems. This intuitive program simplifies the process of configuring glycol beer systems, empowering bartenders to optimize efficiency and enhance profits in their establishments. BeerFlex, equipped with advanced algorithms, computes the return on investment for each specified beer system, ensuring maximum operational efficiency. Krowne BeerFlex features augmented reality integration and is fully compatible with the Metaverse. Experience innovation at your fingertips—try it out now!


Do you need to update your dispensing faucets or add a draft cocktail system? Check out a few dispensing options from Krowne that you should consider adding to your lineup.



Krowne Nitro Faucet For Stouts and Coffee 

Krowne's stainless-steel Nitro Faucet, model BC-806, is used for beverages that utilize more nitrogen than CO2, like stouts or coffee. Equipped with an interior agitator, the BC-806 creates froth or foam on the product. It features a long, narrow spout with a Restrictor Disc that restricts beer flow when dispensing, giving nitrogenous beers like Guinness and Murphy's a distinctive, creamy head. It's also perfect for Nitro Brew Coffee.


The Krowne Wine Faucet with a Long Spout

Krowne's stainless-steel BC-808 wine faucet features an extended faucet spout to avoid splashing for wine or ciders. The 3/8" -16 threading fits all standard tap handles, and the faucet fits standard US shanks. Because of the features of Krowne's wine faucet, it is also great for filling growlers.


The must-have Krowne Draft Cocktail System

Krowne's Draft Cocktail System, BC-907, allows for easy dispensing of batched cocktails, resulting in a more efficient and profitable bar. This cocktail system maintains a consistent spirit ratio to improve quality and taste and prolongs the shelf life of pre-batched cocktails while keeping them at optimal temperatures. Perfect for installation in a walk-in cooler or a direct-draw dispenser.


Krowne's Draft Cocktail System includes a 5-gallon circulating cocktail tank, a 45 PSI circulation pump for the cocktail tank, a timer to control the on/off cycle for the circulation pump, a connection kit for the circulation pump, a connection kit with strainer for product dispensing, and a connection kit for gas. 


Krowne has solutions that provide efficiency and profit opportunities for the bar business.


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