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SEPTEMBER 22, 2022

Why Ventless?


Jason Hall from Southbend brings his extensive professional experience to the table to address this question. Read his first-hand insights on the subject below.


After spending more than 23 years in professional kitchens, I can identify the many challenges we face in the industry. One for me, and many include always getting more out of less. No matter if that refers to extending product costs, staffing, challenges, or overall space in the kitchen. In regards to equipment, however, from my humble beginnings, the question was how do I get more firepower under the hood to pull off the events, functions, and demands of my club and membership needs? In this day and age, there are many alternative solutions to solving this problem. The answer? You guessed it, ventless cooking capabilities! Equipment that needs no existing hood to meet your goals of production. The G-Series Half-Size Convection oven from Southbend not only solves the hood issue but also, being a smaller footprint, can fit into almost any existing space.


Have a small golf turn, pool kitchen, or bakeshop with no means of adding a hood? No problem. Southbend has Ventless Convection Oven Solutions! I have personally rigorously tested this oven with everything from breads and Danish to whole roasted chickens, seafood, and steaks, and without fail have been impressed with its output every time. It’s time to look to new solutions in cooking. Forget the stigma that everything you need to cook has to live under a hood.


You will exceed your production potential if you do the following three things:


Choose Innovation

Choose Ventless

Choose Southbend


Check out the Southbend Ventless Convection Ovens Brochure to learn more about our Catalyst Design and more.

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