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JUNE 7, 2022

Vollrath Frozen Beverage Machines

Sweeten up your menu selection and attract attention with frozen beverage machines from Vollrath. They chill, freeze, and dispense flavorful frozen drinks, including slushies, smoothies, granitas, frozen cocktails, and more. These machines will be a popular, versatile addition to your lineup. 


They produce superior results with ease and efficiency, so you'll love them as much as your guests. Watch the video on Set-Up of Your Vollrath Frozen Beverage Machine.


Available with 6-liter or 10-liter bowls and 1-, 2-, or 3-bowl configurations, there's sure to be one that fits your unique needs. No matter what size you choose, these machines are ready to deliver. 


The Vollrath frozen beverage machines promise smooth operation and simple cleaning thanks to a magnetic drive system. Designed to prevent damage to the auger motor if product freeze-up occurs, this magnetic drive system is more durable and requires less maintenance than a traditional drive system. That means it offers more extended service and worry-free operation. Watch the video on Operating Your Vollrath Frozen Beverage Machine.


Unlike other machines that monitor temperatures to regulate slush production, Vollrath frozen beverage machines measure torque density to create a consistent product. So, whether you're preparing slushies, smoothies, granitas, frozen cocktails, or something else, they can adjust to ensure exceptional consistency all day long. 


These sleek machines feature a streamlined design with fewer parts, making disassembly, cleaning, and maintenance a simple task that saves valuable time and effort. Check out the video on Cleaning your Vollrath Frozen Beverage Machine.


The bowls feature an angled design to help reduce waste and keep your frozen drinks flowing until the last drop. In addition, the optional double-wall bowls minimize external condensation for a clean, attractive presentation. 


There's no reason to worry about downtime. For extra assurance, if anything goes wrong, it can be quickly resolved with White Glove 24/7 service. 


The colorful exterior draws attention, and the clear bowls provide an excellent view of the product, allowing your tasty frozen treats to advertise themselves. 


The Vollrath frozen beverage machines will stand out from the crowd by offering industry-leading performance, quality, and consistency. 


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