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MAY 6, 2022

New Freestanding Ventless Convection Oven from Blodgett

Blodgett’s new freestanding ventless convection oven opens doors for foodservice operations. Think about the opportunities. These ovens give creative food professionals the flexibility to choose their ideal location without restrictions, high costs, and the need for a massive hood. With Blodgett’s ventless convection ovens, you can skip the hurdles and set yourself up for success! 


There are more advantages to going ventless in a commercial kitchen, as illustrated in Blodget’s article, 4 Profitable Reasons To Choose Ventless Cooking. 


Lower installation, maintenance, and energy costs = money saved!


As a bonus, lowered energy use translates into becoming closer to the carbon neutrality that an increasing number of diners are looking for when choosing places to patronize.


Ttake an up-close and personal look at Blodgett’s New Freestanding Ventless Convection Oven in the video below.



Perfect for fast-casual restaurants, school or hospital cafeterias, grocery stores, stadiums, convenience stores, correctional facilities, or other institutional kitchens. There is no need for a water supply or drain, and the oven itself powers the ventless system. What does that mean? It means easy and quick installation! 


We covered many of the main advantages but wait; there’s more.


These ovens require zero overhead clearance for maximum use of overhead space. They arrive ready to go to work with a filter included. Replacement filters are available, and the oven will remind you when it’s time to order them! Blodgett convection ovens come with easy-to-use touchscreen controls that increase operators’ efficiency and consistency. 


It’s no secret that Blodgett Ventless Convection Ovens are the top of the line in commercial convection ovens. As a result, they are sought after by chefs and foodservice operators everywhere. 


Visit Blodgett for more information and resources.

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