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MAY 26, 2022

Barfly® Mixology Gear by Mercer


Set your bartenders up for success with Barfly® Mixology Gear! The craft of bartenders gets a lot of attention in bars and restaurants, and for a good reason. Who doesn’t love watching a good bartender create the perfect cocktail? Barfly Mixology Gear adds to the glam of the presentation, and bartenders and customers love it.


When bartenders are shaking, stirring, pouring, and creating, having professional Barfly® gear in hand brings the experience to the next level and accentuates their craft.


The Barfly® line has it all. Along with showcasing an upscale bar and branding your bartender as a talented, upscale cocktail creator, this line offers tools that ensure consistency with every pour. What does that mean? Even in a fast-paced environment, customers can count on the taste they crave every time, and operations can count on maximum profits with every drink served.


As we know, cocktails are a driving profit generator for restaurants. Having the right tools behind the bar attracts the best bartending talent, impresses customers, and increases profits.


Take a look at the complete line of Barfly® Mixology Gear and prepare to be dazzled. Then, picture your bar with these tools in play, and prepare to be successful.

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