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AUGUST 23, 2022

8 Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum packaging machines are an essential piece of equipment for any restaurant. By packaging your product in a vacuum-sealed bag, air is removed and cannot re-enter. They're used to keep food fresh longer, prevent freezer burn, and extend the shelf life of your products. In addition to its benefits for food safety and quality, vacuum packaging can also help you save money in the long run and reduce waste. Read on to uncover 8 reasons why your restaurant needs a vacuum packaging machine from Globe Food Equipment Co.


1.     Take fresh to the next level. The most obvious benefit to vacuum packaging is preserving freshness – up to 3-5 times beyond traditional food storage methods. Mildew, bacteria, and the oxidation of the product is avoided thanks to the absence of air inside the bag. No preservatives required here!

2.     Food safety. One often overlooked benefit of vacuum packaging is the improvement of food safety. The hermetic, airtight seal prevents cross-contamination in your kitchen.

3.     No freezer burn. Need we say more? Vacuum sealing prevents freezer burn, protecting the quality of products like meat even longer.

4.     Limits food waste. Every year, an estimated 30-40% of the US food supply is wasted, resulting in billions of dollars of loss ( Food waste has a far-reaching global impact, and food that could have benefitted those in need occupy landfills. Your restaurant can affect that change – no leftovers will be left behind!

5.     You’ll save money by purchasing ingredients in bulk. It's true! Buying in bulk will save you money, but you need a vacuum sealer so that all that goodness doesn't go to waste. Vacuum-sealing allows you to buy ingredients by the pallet and store them in smaller quantities as you need them.


6.     You’ll have a more organized kitchen! Chefs love nothing more than a tidy kitchen, and vacuum packaging optimizes your valuable space. In addition to leveraging space-saving bags instead of large containers, you’re able to store items together that you ordinarily couldn’t - all thanks to that seal.


7.     You’ll maintain fragile food products.  Fragile food products are often discarded due solely to aesthetic damage, but would otherwise by completely safe to consume. Globe’s advanced GVP20A Vacuum Packaging Model, in particular, allows operators to introduce a specialized gas mixture into the bag before sealing, creating a protective cushion around the product and maintaining freshness.


8.     You’ll be ready to sous vide! One of the most popular, foolproof methods of cooking, sous-vide, requires vacuum packaged food. This method works by cooking product at low temperatures in a water bath, and requires less prep time, a must with today’s labor market!


Now that you’ve decided to invest in a vacuum packaging machine for your restaurant, your next decision is to determine where to get yours!  While there are many brands on the market today, Globe Food Equipment Co. is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. With precision made equipment, short lead times, and superior customer service, Globe stands out in a crowded market.


Available in 3 models, Globe's Vacuum Packaging Machines guarantee fresh solutions to fit your operation. The GVP6 provides compact freshness whereas the GVP20 offers a larger capacity. The GVP20A provides more advanced solutions, including a marination cycle, a gas flush, multiple languages, and more.  Learn more about Globe’s Vacuum Packaging Solutions. 

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