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Hatco Soup Stations

By Carla Landi


Serve up your hot soups in Hatco’s Soup Station with creative and fun merchandising.


What’s the soup today? Many times, this is the first question asked by diners when they sit down at one of their favorite restaurants. The answer often determines the direction the diner will take with their menu choices and overall dining experience. Soup is a comfort food that can be combined with a healthy menu item for a lighter meal, or start off a main entrée for a full dinner experience. Hatco’s Soup Station is lightweight making it easy to move from one location to another. The two soup wells operate independently, allowing operators to serve two different soups at different temperatures. It’s offered in both a seven and eleven quart size and has multiple customizable options so you can create the best soup station for your operation.


Watch the video below for more details on Hatco’s Soup Station and please your guests with some piping hot soup.