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ColdZone Dual-Pak Condensing Units

By Carla Landi


ColdZone brings another chilling innovation to foodservice professionals. They recently announced their Dual-Pak Multi-Refrigerant Condensing Units for walk-in cooler and freezer applications.


“The Dual-Pak units have been a long-awaited addition to our ColdZone product portfolio,” said John McFadden, ColdZone’s National Sales Director. “Our engineering team has incorporated several innovations that will greatly benefit our foodservice customers,” he continued.


For operating stability and increased system effectiveness, the Dual-Pak units feature a 70°F floating head pressure control valve and an integral subcooling circuit that allows saturated liquid to flow from the receiver to the condenser where the refrigerant is subcooled by ambient air. This provides an average of 3 to 5°F of subcooling for higher operating efficiency while assuring optimal expansion device operation.


What you have here is a rack system for the price of a single condensing unit. Every unit features an accessible control panel and easy access to refrigerant valves.


Features include single point electrical connection, single point plumbing, and an over-sized condenser for more energy efficiency. ColdZone’s Dual-Pak Condensing Units check all the boxes.