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CMA High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher

By Carla Landi


CMA’s High Temperature Single Rack Dishwasher (CMA-180VL-FL), is a front loading dishwasher  that takes 75% less floor space than traditional dish machines.  The compact, space-saving design requires no entry or exit tables and requires only 7.1 square feet of floor space.


The CMA-180VL-FL has a 170 second cycle (60 second wash/rinse and 110 second steam evacuation). It washes 21 standard 20”x20” racks per hour. It’s equipped with an  ENERGY STAR water-saving design (0.89 gals of water per cycle), water level safety control, and Safe-T-Temp features assuring a sanitizing rinse of 180°F. The wash tank screens filter recirculating wash water, preventing soil from clogging spray arms.


Available Ventless option is a Heat Recovery Condensation Removal System that captures and distributes normally exhausted heat from the wash/rinse tank, using this FREE energy to pre-heat cold water prior to feeding the booster heater. The energy needed to bring the booster heater to the correct temperature is reduced, saving money on energy costs. This dishwasher can be up and running without a vent hood, reducing thousands on installation costs.