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True Puts the “Wow” in Refrigeration

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Regional Sales Manager for True Food Service Equipment Co., Jim Barry, recently told me about an eldercare facility that was designing a central kitchen for their residents. They needed commercial quality equipment, but wanted to avoid the cold, sterile, and institutional “look and feel” created by walls of silver colored stainless steel equipment. True responded to the customer’s needs with commercial quality stainless steel refrigeration units that were powder coated white to resemble something more like what the residents might have been accustomed to back in their own kitchens at home. The finished kitchen looked homier and inviting. Residents were more encouraged to use the kitchen and benefit from the nutrition and social interaction that “home kitchens” have to offer.


Powder Coating is powdered paint that is electrostatically applied and then baked on to create a smooth, cleanable surface that is resistant to impact, moisture, ultraviolet light and chemicals. Available in a vast array of colors, Powder Coat is just one of the ways that True can add “Wow” to a cooler or merchandiser.


True also offers what it calls “Deco Coating.” Deco Coating uses a preprinted film that is vacuum formed around the part before baking. It provides an additional element of style and appeal. Typical Deco applications create the appearance of natural wood or carbon fiber. Popular for front-of-the-house applications, coolers and merchandizers can be Deco Coated to blend in, accent, or compliment the existing décor. So if, for example, your retail operation has a “rustic cabin” motif, your True cold drink Merchandiser can be Deco Coated to fit in by applying a handsome Knotty Pine or Honey Eye Maple finish.


Finally, True has a third option. Custom Graphics can be applied to your True cooler or merchandiser. True’s team can work with a customer to recreate company logos, school themes, brand graphics, or images of appetizing food and beverages. Using sign panels, and decals for doors and ends, you can design a merchandiser that drives your spot merchandising sales.


For more information, click here to visit the True Food Service Equipment Co. website.