Culitrade Soft Launch Announcement

NOVEMBER 18, 2021

We’re flipping with excitement 

over the (softlaunch of Culitrade!


Culitrade will lead the way as the industry's first and only wholly-owned, centrally managed, e-commerce MARKETPLACE, dedicated exclusively to your success.
Culitrade systems, integration testing, processes, and data are in place and ready for transactions.
During this phase, we'll be ensuring that our support functions are ready as orders are placed to Culitrade. We'll be staffing and training for user support and issue management, building system health maintenance and operational monitoring plans, and then preparing for the next phase.
The launch of Culitrade is a pivotal moment for SEFA in igniting the digital transformation of our dealers. Our go-live includes Culitrade Closeouts, a clearinghouse destination for our dealers' returned items, overstocks, and discontinued items. Transactions on Culitrade Closeouts will pave the way for bringing up our dealer marketplace selling platform.
Through Culitrade, we'll provide culinary professionals access to the equipment and supplies from brands they know and trust. Built for foodservice professionals by foodservice professionals, we have what it takes to successfully exceed your customer’s expectations. As we drive traffic to Culitrade through engaging marketing campaigns, our goal is a high level of customer satisfaction.
We are confident that, over time, Culitrade will enable all of SEFA’s partners to be strengthened; the suppliers who have their brands proudly represented with more products being sold, and the dealers who will expand their sales with an enhanced ability to digitally reach more customers than ever before!