SEFA Announces Culitrade E-Commerce Solution



July 10, 2020


SEFA is leading the way with the industry’s first and only wholly-owned, centrally managed, e-commerce marketplace, Culitrade, dedicated exclusively to the success of SEFA Dealer Members.  Culitrade will provide a centrally managed, efficient, and cutting-edge digital footprint that will serve the common needs of SEFA Members in many different ways, not just online selling. The site will launch in September 2020, immediately creating a culinary community for customers, dealers, and suppliers to all win together.


“We studied the market, we studied the customer and we worked side-by-side with our Dealer Members to understand their operational challenges. SEFA set a course to take bold, and future-defining steps in the industry to help future-proof the businesses of our members and to continue delivering growth and support to our supplier partners and other industry partners. By supporting our dealers in leveling up their technology footprints, and leveraging the combined strength they collectively bring as market-leading foodservice equipment & supplies dealers, this changes the game for all involved,” said Kelly Cain, CEO.


For 35 years, SEFA has set the gold standard for transparency, ethically sound business practices, extraordinary financial administration capabilities, and second-to-none training and marketing services in the industry, the Culitrade platform will adhere to the same standards.


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