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JANUARY 4, 2024

Vollrath Manual Food Processors


Revolutionize your food preparation workflow with Vollrath manual food processors. With something for every kitchen, Vollrath’s manual food processor line offers a superior user experience and finishes with exceptional, flavorful results. In addition, the significant impact on food service operations is the labor savings and waste reduction. That means lower costs and higher profits. Studies have shown that over the course of a year, the Vollrath InstaCut was shown to have the potential to pay for itself with labor savings alone.


Vollrath Manual Food Processors can efficiently slice, dice, wedge, core, and more at a fraction of the cost of electric machines. At a lower price than electric machines, these manual food processors allow operators to achieve consistent, uniform results much faster than a knife in the hands of even the most experienced chef.


An independent study revealed the Vollrath InstaCut® 5.1 manual food processor cut a tomato into a quarter-inch dice up to 74% faster than a chef using only a knife. When dicing onions, the InstaCut was up to 66% faster. 


Check out the video to see the speed comparison in real-time.


Let’s take a closer look at a handful of Vollrath Manual Processors.


The Vollrath InstaCut 5.1

Dice, Slice, Wedge, and Core.



Key features include:


• Serrated blades- up to 50% less force

• Captive fasteners won’t get lost

• Improved pusher block material won’t warp

• No wear bushings

• Included SS cleaning tool

• Larger 5’’ blade area than 3.5

• ¼’’, 3/8’’, ½’’ blades

• 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 section wedge

• 6, 8 section core

• Sled design

• Stability

• Strength


The Vollrath InstaCut 3.5™

Dice, Wedge, and Core.



Key features include:


• Wall mount & table mount units

• One base for three operations!

• Thermoset blade frame

• No wear bushings NEW

• Rugged unibody construction stronger than standard


The Vollrath InstaSlice™

Slices tomatoes and other soft produce


Key features include:


• Food contact shuttle anodized

• Larger cutting area to accommodate the largest tomatoes

• Pop-in/Pop-out blade assembly

• Straight or scalloped blades

• Cuts: 3/16’’, 7/32’’, 1/4’’, and 3/8’’


The Vollrath Tomato Pro™



Key features include:


• Straight and scalloped blades

• 3/16”, 1/4” & 3/8”

• Longer blades make cutting easier

• Not thermal set blade packs

• Harder to change and clean

• Must tighten the blades.

• Smaller Footprint

• Tomato slides on poly board

• Sold with or w/out safety guard


The Vollrath Wedgemaster & Wedgemaster II

Versatile: wedge lemons, limes, pickles



Key features include:


• 6, 8 sections standard

• NSF Listed Dishwasher Safe

• Stable base design

• Three times faster than cutting by hand

• 2-year warranty


Foodservice professionals choose Vollrath Manual Food Processors for the ease, efficiency, consistency, and speed. Let's not forget the cost-savings, reduced food waste, the labor savings, and the ROI.


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