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MARCH 1, 2023

Vollrath Commercial Kitchen Supplies with a Lifetime Guarantee

What is the last thing you need in your busy commercial kitchen today?


How about an untimely interruption or downtime because of faulty or broken kitchen supplies? Have you noticed when something breaks, it doesn’t wait for the most convenient time to do it? It’s always at the most inopportune time. In addition to the stress this scenario causes, you have the costs associated with downtime and quickly purchasing the essential supplies you need to replace. Vollrath understands foodservice operations, the need for commercial kitchen supplies and equipment you can count on daily, and the importance of total cost of ownership. As a market leader, Vollrath provides built-to-last, high-quality commercial kitchen supplies that promise a better total cost of ownership, higher profits, and a lifetime guarantee.



How does Vollrath offer a lifetime guarantee on vital commercial kitchen supplies and promise the total cost of ownership advantage?


Vollrath works with the best-quality stainless steel and aluminum, producing industry-leading strength and dependability. Moreover, they do not cut corners in production. In addition to tongs, whips, ladles, and spoons, the lifetime guarantee covers complete lines of stainless steel and aluminum cookware, grinders, mixers, toasters, and ranges that combine heavy-duty materials with rugged construction. Investing in commercial kitchen tools that are built to last means they will stand up to whatever is dished out, day after day and year after year. When calculating commercial kitchen tool replacements alone, Vollrath’s total cost of ownership on equipment and supplies becomes a clear advantage offering higher profits and a more efficient operation. 



How do operators feel about Vollrath commercial kitchen tools?



What commercial kitchen supplies can I get with the Vollrath lifetime guarantee?



Centurion® Cookware

Intrigue® Cookware

Tribute Cookware

Wear-Ever® Classic Select® Cookware

Miramar® Display Cookware


Steam Table Pans 

Super Pan V® Steam Table Pans


Tongs, Ladles, Spoons, Dishers, Whips

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Tongs

Heavy-Duty One-Piece Stainless Steel Tongs

High-Temperature Nylon End One-Piece Tongs

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Ladles

Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Basting Spoons

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Spoons

One-Piece Heavy-Duty Spoodle® Utensils

NSF Certified Dishers w/One-Piece Color-Coded Handles

Nylon Handle French Whips

Nylon Handle Piano Whips

Stainless Steel French Whips

Stainless Steel Piano Whips



The Vollrath Bottom Line


Vollrath foodservice equipment and supplies stand the test of time. The total cost of ownership is a huge advantage for foodservice operations. Taking kitchen tool replacement costs off the budget has a very positive impact on profits. In addition to saving money when factoring in the total cost of ownership of commercial kitchen equipment and supplies, Vollrath ensures uninterrupted day-to-day operations and endless dedication to high-quality performance. 

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