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MAY 10, 2024

Turn Up the Heat with the Mercer Culinary® Hell's Handle® Collection

When the kitchen heats up, the real culinary magic starts. But who wants to juggle scorching pans with the fear of utensil handles that can’t take the heat? Enter the game-changer: Mercer Culinary®'s Hell's Handle® line, crafted for those who can't be slowed down by a little extra heat.

Stay Cool Under Fire

Imagine flipping a sizzling steak or searing a burger and never flinching as you grip the handle. That's the promise of Hell's Handle®. Thanks to its innovative design, these handles stay noticeably cooler for longer than their traditional counterparts, allowing you to focus on crafting the perfect char without breaking a sweat. Whether it's a busy commercial kitchen or catering a bustling BBQ, Hell’s Handle® tools withstand temperatures up to a fiery 450°F. Say goodbye to the days of culinary interruptions from overheated handles!

Precision at Your Fingertips

Each piece in the Hell's Handle® collection, from square-edge turners perfect for those hefty grill items to rounded-edge turners designed for the gentle art of omelet flipping, is a testament to precision engineering. With professional quality stainless steel blades, these tools don't just endure the heat; they excel in it. Looking for the right tool to flip that delicate, flaky fish? The Hell's Handle® fish turner is your new best friend, ensuring your seafood dishes look as good as they taste.

Grip That Won't Slip

Hell's Handle® has you covered with a dual-textured finish for that extra grip and slip resistance. This feature is particularly crucial when you're in the zone, flipping, turning, and twisting amidst the steam and sizzle of the kitchen.

Safety Meets Style

All of Hell's Handle® products are NSF Listed, ensuring they meet strict public health standards. Not only do they perform well, but they also keep your kitchen safe and up to code. The sanitary sealed handle design enhances food safety, keeping unwanted bacteria at bay.

Why Choose Hell's Handle®?

 The real question is, why not? With a tool for every task and a design that keeps comfort and safety at the forefront, Hell’s Handle® is a crucial part of your culinary armor.

Heat up your culinary game with Mercer Culinary®'s Hell's Handle®, and let your kitchen mastery shine as bright as your fiery grill. Because when the heat goes up, Hell's Handle® steps up.


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