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MARCH 4, 2021

Metro brings HOT Solutions to Foodservice Operations

by Carla Landi


Metro is all about innovation, adaptability, and reinventing solutions that meet and exceed the current and future needs of operators.


They have recently introduced two fantastic new equipment solutions customizable for your specific needs.

Metro2Go Hot Stations


Keeps food hot, organized, and ready-to-go. Metro2Go Hot Stations are affordable, efficient solutions that offer a great way to attract customers, reduce labor costs, and improve speed and efficiency.


They are ideal for prepaid self-service carryout orders, take-out or delivery order staging, and grab & go applications. They are proving to be the perfect fit for any operation.


Opportunities to be flexible are what foodservice professionals are craving today. With Metro2Go Hot Stations, you build the station that works best for you, whether it be shelves for pizza boxes or compartments for bags, boxes, and more.


The pass-thru design makes it easy to load food directly from the kitchen, while still allowing customers to interact on the other side. Also available with optional hinged rear doors for maximum heat efficiency. 


Check out the videos for a closer look

Have you seen Metro’s Super Erecta Hot? 


Super Erecta® HOT is a super flexible and efficient way to keep food hot while preparing, serving, staging, or holding hot food items. This convenient solution allows you to add heat to any Super Erecta storage unit or workspace.


Each shelf is self-contained with an adjustable thermostat to control temperatures up to 200˚F (93˚C). It’s the perfect marriage of their original patented Super Erecta shelving design AND their innovations in heated holding thermal solutions. Customize your spacing with adjustable shelves in 1” increments.  


Check out the videos on Metro’s Super Erecta Hot and see if it can bring value to your operation.

If equipment versatility and flexibility are important to you, take a serious look at what Metro is offering!

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