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JULY 27, 2023

Mercer Culinary® Millennia®

Today’s professional chefs love the innovative features and unparalleled performance that Mercer Culinary® Millennia® knives bring to their kitchens.


Mercer Culinary® understands how vital a quality knife is to a chef and the success it contributes to the foodservice operation. They also know that the best knife is the one that delivers on performance and feels good in the hands of a pro. That's why Mercer Culinary® combines technology and superior craftsmanship in all their knives, including their Millennia® line.

How do they perform?

Millennia® knives feature one-piece high-carbon Japanese steel. The high-quality steel puts precision performance in the hands of chefs and operators and allows for easy blade maintenance and rapid sharpening for a razor-sharp edge.

How do they feel in the hand?

The ergonomic, raised Santoprene® textured handle provides a sought-after grip and undeniable comfort. These knives also have textured finger points and a protective finger guard for slip resistance and safety.

Is it too good to last?

Millennia® knives stand the test of time in the most demanding environments. The one-piece high-quality steel blade and polypropylene handle provide superior durability.

In short, chefs receive a quality knife that stands the test of time in the most demanding kitchens, feels good in their hands, stands up to any task, and offers additional grip and safety features.

Mercer Culinary® keeps the changing needs of foodservice operations at the forefront of everything they design. They provide high-quality solutions that increase efficiency and success for chefs and operators everywhere.

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