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NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Federal Vision for Grab and Go!

by Carla Landi


Federal Industries recently introduced their newest line of European-inspired prepared food display cases, the Vision Series. With the expanded viewing experience and clean styling, this line sets a bold new precedent in food merchandising.


Grab-and-Go is big business and it’s not going anywhere! It’s much more than a consistently growing trend; it’s shown to be a stable form of service that continues to gain traction.


Federal explored the psychology behind the attraction to grab-and-go for both foodservice professionals and consumers.



Consumers enjoy the fact that they can purchase meals and snacks from their favorite locations and grab what they want without slowing down. Many patrons are trying to regain a sense of normalcy following COVID, and having food options that they can easily access is comforting.



Studies have shown that consumers are more likely to impulse buy products that are visible in an appealing, organized, and fun way. An attractive merchandiser within view has a way of drawing people in for a closer look. Not only do consumers rely on what they can easily see, but having items organized in a display case often provides more visibility and comfort to shoppers.



When you designate specific items to an easily accessible location, it drives customers towards the products in their line of sight. As a result, you can easily use a display merchandiser to promote your best items so that they’re one of the first things potential buyers notice.


What is it about the Vision Series?


They attract and engage.

With ‘see-thru’ sides and a larger display opening, food and beverage products can be seen from different areas of an operation, enhancing the merchandising capabilities of the business. The Vision Series allows for more engagement, more appeal, and increased return on investment.


They’re versatile. 

The Vision Series comes in a variety of sizes and configurations. From width and height to heated, refrigerated, and non-refrigerated, versatility is a key component. Universal Breathe is a standard feature on the Vision Series that understands whether the case is freestanding or pushed up against a wall. The case automatically senses to vent from the front or back, depending on the location. Also, choose from several standard options to fit your décor including glass or solid ends, curved or straight end profiles, and 6 exterior finishes.




Suppose you want to create a line-up of Vision Series merchandisers to display a complete offering of strategically placed food and beverages. In that case, they can be joined together to help you build your grab-and-go vision in a continuous line-up.


They’re reliable.

Operators can expect hassle-free maintenance and Federal’s quality, excellence, and reliability with the Vision Series. With the automatic defrost system and Medex Fiberboard End Panels in place, these cases will be free of condensation damage. The reversing fan option allows the condensing fan motor to reverse direction during the defrost cycle and reduces dust and debris that can gather on the condenser coil. In addition, these merchandisers are equipped with a slide-out compressor, making maintenance much easier than having to reach in and work inside the case.


The Federal Vision Promise

Quality, Craftsmanship, Reliability, and now Innovation, the most important words to your operation and you get them with Federal Industries.


Check out the video below  for a closer look.


Check out the Federal Industries Vision Series Brochure for more information.

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