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APRIL 25, 2023

Crown Steam and Market Forge Gas Steam-Jacketed Kettles

Why are steam-jacketed kettles widely used as a substitute for stockpot cooking? The answer is simple. The cooking method of a steam-jacketed kettle is gentle, provides consistent results, and is much faster and safer than stockpot and other cooking methods. 

Together, Crown and Market Forge offer a variety of Full Jacketed and 2/3 Jacketed Kettles ranging from 6 to 100-gallon capacities. The range of Steam-Jacketed Kettles offered by Crown Steam and Market Forge gives foodservice professionals the power to choose the best gas steam tilting kettle to meet the demands of their specific operation. Foodservice operators and directors at healthcare facilities and universities rely on the benefits steam-jacketed kettles bring to their high-volume operations.

For instance, the GLT-100 power tilting floor kettles, designed with ease of use in mind, is perfect for preparing a large amount of food. This large capacity 100-gallon 2/3 steam-jacketed kettle is easy to operate. Because of the tilting mechanism and self-locking positive stop action, it can be tilted past 90°, making complete emptying of the vessel a breeze. In addition to making their lives easier, operators love the short height, the options to customize to their needs, and the 316 stainless steel liner on these kettles that protects against high-acidity contents with quality steel resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

Crown Steam and Market Forge tilting kettles feature electric ignition, pressure gauge, safety valve, and high/low cut-off. These steam-jacketed tilting kettles are rated for operation to 35 PSI and include a six-foot cord and three-prong plug. As an option, draw-off valves are available.

With the self-sufficiency of Crown Steam and Market Forge tilting kettles, operators can boil pasta, simmer sauces, rethermalize food, and more. Crown Steam and Market Forge tilting kettles are the answer to safe, efficient, convenient cooking for large crowds.

In addition to all the features and benefits, Crown Steam and Market Forge provide an exclusive two-year warranty for Schools and Universities on their steam-jacketed kettles.

Visit the Crown Steam Group for equipment that provides solutions for your operation.

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