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NOVEMBER 16, 2021

American Panel Introduces the AP20-XL

by Carla Landi


American Panel recently introduced the next BIG addition to the HURRiCHiLL blast chiller family, the AP20-XL.


Redesigned for versatility and performance, American Panel’s AP20-XL is getting a lot of attention, being called the most versatile blast chiller on the market.


We’re talking about a 200-pound capacity, self-contained modular roll-in blast chiller/shock freezer that comes pre-charged and can accommodate any current common combi or oven cart.


What does this mean to you?


For starters, a self-contained system means no running long remote refrigeration lines through ceilings or walls. A self-contained system also means less install time, saving money, and reducing build time.


Modular means it can be built on-site. The walls are made from 4″ thick foam-in-place polyurethane construction with their standard easy-to-use cam-lock panel system. As a result, site restrictions and challenges associated with moving a blast chiller through small doorways and on stairs are a thing of the past.


This unit comes pre-charged with the refrigerant you need to get up and running, making installation easy and precise, saving money and time.


The addition of quick connects allows for easy installation without welding or complicated electrical work. Securely connect the ends together, and you are ready to start chilling or freezing.


American Panel has thought of everything.


The large doorway and interior capacity are designed to accommodate any combi oven cart or rack. So you don’t have to worry about matching combi to the chiller; the AP20-XL can accept your current cart.


The footprint is small, but the capacity is enormous. For example, the AP20-XL will chill 200 pounds of product in under 90 minutes and freeze 120 pounds in under 240 minutes.


The AP20-XL retains all of the same great HURRiCHiLL features and performance operators know and love. Large, easy to read 7” glove safe display, simple controls, HACCP recording, and more.


In addition to all the benefits of the new versatile and innovative AP20-XL, you can count on the inherent American Panel standards of craftsmanship and performance built into every unit.


Check out the video to learn more.


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