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JUNE 27, 2024

Matfer Exoglass, What Is It?


You may have heard of the name and know it originates from France, but what exactly is Exoglass?



Exoglass, a revolutionary proprietary polyamide material, was developed by Matfer and patented by the renowned French industrial group in 1989. Since then, the Matfer factory in Longny-au-Perche, France, has been at the forefront of innovation, creating a diverse range of utensils and baking molds using this cutting-edge material. These tools update classic kitchen and pastry tools and are a gateway to new culinary frontiers.




Exoglass utensils are a testament to versatility. They are nonporous and injection-molded, featuring seamless single-piece construction without rivets or creases. They retain their shape in extreme kitchen environments, not expanding with heat or steam or contracting with cold. This adaptability is essential for preserving delicate flavors, as Exoglass does not retain aromas. It can be used for a wide range of dishes, both savory and sweet, without transferring unwanted scents.


Wherever there’s a nonstick pan, there’s a metal fish spatula or spoon lurking to scrape it up. Exoglass spoons and spatulas are entirely safe for nonstick pans. Keeping a few around can increase the longevity of your nonstick cookware.


You Can Bake With It, Too?

Exoglass transfers heat very efficiently, meaning it stays cool in your hand while promoting consistent and clean baking. Matfer has introduced a wide range of Exoglass baking molds, bread pans, and pastry cutters designed for bakers who appreciate precise edges and evenly baked crumbs.


Check out Matfer Bourgeat for more innovative commercial tools for chefs!

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