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JUNE 20, 2024

Discover the Extraordinary with Cambro's Camshelving Elements XTRA Series


How can you transform something from ordinary to extraordinary? By adding that extra touch! Cambro Manufacturing is excited to introduce Camshelving® Elements® XTRA Series, an improved and perfected version of the well-known Camshelving Elements Series. After 13 years of gathering customer feedback and making careful refinements, this new series offers improved performance, a wider range of product options, unparalleled versatility, and easier assembly.


Elevating Storage Solutions: Camshelving Elements XTRA Series

"The original Elements series has exceeded sales and performance expectations. However, Cambro refuses to become complacent in their success. Cambro remains dedicated to continuous improvement, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our Product Development team regularly collaborates with end users and consultants to enhance products. Based on the feedback, we have integrated key features into Elements XTRA." - Chip Jarvis, Senior Global Vice President of Development and Engineering at Cambro Manufacturing.


Key Features of Camshelving Elements XTRA Series


XTRA Fast and Easy Assembly:

Cambro's Product Development team has streamlined the installation process with a one-piece collar wedge and a single snap dovetail connector, reducing the number of parts by 50% and making assembly incredibly fast and straightforward.


XTRA Weight Bearing:

The corners of shelving units are often vulnerable spots. When units are connected at the corners, other shelving lines lose significant weight-bearing capacity. Elements XTRA maximizes storage space utilizing open corners with no loss of weight bearing. Each shelving unit can safely hold up to 2,400 lbs., up to 60" in length.


XTRA Versatility:

Transform your stationary shelving into mobile shelving without ordering new units or different shelves. Order casters and make a few simple installation adjustments, and you're ready to roll. Additionally, all current Camshelving accessories are compatible with Elements XTRA.


XTRA Cleanability:

With fewer nooks and crannies, Elements XTRA shelving is much easier to clean. The redesigned posts only have installation notches on the inside, reducing places for dust and dirt to collect.


XTRA Efficient:

Previously, Cambro's High Density Storage System was only available in the Camshelving Premium Series. Now, the Elements XTRA Series High-Density Storage System utilizes the same track system, increasing storage capacity by up to 50%.


XTRA Affordable:

Despite substantial upgrades, Elements XTRA's price remains the same as its predecessor. Elements XTRA joins Basics Plus and Premium to provide customers with shelving options to fit every kitchen need and budget.


Upgrade Your Storage with Camshelving Elements XTRA

Ready to replace your rusty and unreliable shelving? Get in touch with your local SEFA Dealer to discover how Cambro's Elements XTRA series can enhance your storage spaces.

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