Mark Maggi, PJP, Philadelphia, PA

Mark entered the foodservice industry when he took a job as a busboy at the age of sixteen. Since then, he has held various waitering and catering jobs throughout the years.  Even when he wasn’t working full time in foodservice, he would moonlight on weekends out of college.  In 2007, Mark took a position as the foodservice manager of McFadden’s at Citizens Bank Park. In this position, he managed all of the marketing, events, and corporate meetings held there.  “I was there during multiple Phillies playoff runs and their 2008 World Series victory,” says Maggi.

Mark received an opportunity to work for one of the vendors he was working with while at McFadden’s.  The vendor was PJP. Mark joined the PJP team in 2014 and couldn’t be happier. His responsibilities include sales with a focus on multi-unit operations, along with high volume and new construction projects.

To sincerely express the same passion for your customer’s business as they do, is the foundation for strong, loyal, and enjoyable relationships that last forever.

Mark takes great pride in being the person that customers trust to help them get what they need. “I love to work with people and provide solutions to their challenges. As a vendor, I still get to enjoy the excitement of opening a new operation or adding a new item to the menu.  My background helps me talk their language and truly understand the issues they have, because I once had the same issues,” says Maggi.

Mark is very successful in the SEFAPro program.  He is currently a Level 3 SEFAPro and climbing.  Mark earned and attended the 2019 SEFAPro Celebration trip for his achievements in the program. “The SEFAPro program has introduced me to new opportunities.  We sell paper and chemicals along with equipment and supplies.  There is a longer learning process for equipment and supplies and SEFA helps accelerate that learning process.   The sales conferences give me the product knowledge and the connections to key manufacturers that help me introduce product lines to customers.  I often take pictures while I’m at a SEFA conference and send them to customers.  I like to get them thinking and learning as I’m learning. From a personal development standpoint, the Academy programs are phenomenal.  They really help with your overall mindset when you’re out in the field,” says Maggi.

There’s nothing better for professional growth than mentors that have the qualities you respect and strive to achieve.

Here’s what Mark had to say when we asked him if he could think of anyone that has inspired him and helped him to get to where he is today, “My father, Larry Maggi. He also works for PJP. I followed his path in this industry.  He brought my brother Matthew into the business as well. Steve Lettero (Sales Manager when I started) and Bill Daily (E&S Specialist) pushed SEFA and its benefits when I first came to PJP.  I saw how involved they were and how much they learned. Then there’s the Furia Family.  I don’t think I would be at PJP had it not been for the Furia Family and the family culture of this company,” says Maggi.

SEFA is proud to recognize Mark Maggi as January’s Featured SEFAPro. Mark is dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and learning about new equipment and supply solutions for his customers.  He builds relationships based on integrity, honesty, and trust. He is a true asset to the foodservice industry. Congratulations, Mark!