Keith Schumacher, CWD, Aberdeen, South Dakota

Keith has been in this industry for 45 years.  He worked in a local restaurant / pub during his college years. After graduating, he worked for a printing firm, but found that he could put his degree to better use by designing kitchens and dining areas. Keith went full force into the foodservice industry and has never looked back.

“Being involved in this industry has been very rewarding.  The greatest rewards come from the relationships and friendships I have developed over the years. Helping our customers become more successful has really made me happy,” says Schumacher.

Keith joined CWD 38 years ago and couldn’t be happier to be on the team. His role includes equipment and supply sales and design.  He works on bid projects and a few chain accounts.  “I sell and spec foodservice items and, with the help of the main office, put my thoughts and the customer’s thoughts into drawings to help them move their project forward,” says Schumacher.

It takes passion, knowledge, and determination to conquer the challenges for your customers so that they can realize the rewards.

It’s not an easy job.  “I have found the industry to be very challenging at times as you are always working with critical time factors. But, it’s always gratifying when everything comes together for your very happy customer. It’s never boring. No Day is Ever the Same,” says Schumacher.

When Keith sets out to do something, success is the result.  CWD has always been a strong proponent of SEFA training. Keith has always been successful with SEFA training, earning recognition in the early days of SEFA training (before SEFAPro).  He kept the momentum going with the SEFAPro program and is currently a Level 6!

Keith has been a part of SEFA through CWD, from the very beginning. “SEFA has played a very important role in expanding my knowledge about foodservice equipment and supply products and the industry. The factory reps and key factory connections have helped me assist customers with sales and offer solutions to their challenges and issues.  The best thing gained from the SEFA conferences are the relationships with the great people in this industry and the knowledge that we are all in this together.  I always know that there is another support center out there to help me. Everybody has the bad day and the great day, and we all understand what that means in this industry,” says Schumacher.

When you find that your inspiration comes from within your close circle, you know you’re in the right place.

Keith definitely inspires his customers and colleagues.  We asked Keith who inspires him. He said, “The very first owner of CWD when I started this adventure, Chuck Hogg, was very supportive from the start. My current manager, Chris Abraham is always very encouraging and supportive.  Chris and I have been together for many years, yet miles apart, with his office in Kearney, Nebraska and my office in Aberdeen, South Dakota.  Chris always comes up with ideas that help me to use my years of experience and years of SEFA training to make things possible.

Keith lives in Aberdeen, South Dakota with his wife of 41 years, Marie. They have three children and seven grandchildren. Keith is a huge football fan. In fact, he enjoys working the side line chain gang for local NSU football games. He says there’s no better way to watch a game.  He also like to hunt pheasants. One of his greatest and most enjoyable hobbies is spoiling his grandchildren.

SEFA is proud to recognize Keith Schumacher as Featured SEFAPro.  The knowledge, experience, passion, and loyalty he brings to the industry and to CWD and their customers is unmatched. He is professional and friendly, that’s why
everyone likes him.  Congratulations, Keith!