Dave Dietle, Kesco, Pensacola, Florida

41 years in the foodservice industry!

Dave started as a lunch cook at Seafood Broiler Restaurants in California, right after his tour in the Navy. He was with the Seafood Broiler Restaurants for ten years, moving up to manager and then District Manager of ten stores in California. He later worked for a national mall food court operation, One Potato Two, as a regional manager on the west coast. Dave went on to co-own a restaurant for a few years before changing direction. In search of a different environment than Los Angeles, he moved to Florida where he grew up with his wife and two kids.

Success is hard work, perseverance, learning, and most of all, love of what you are doing.

Dave found his place with Kesco, Kitchen Equipment & Supply.  He has been with Kesco for 19 years and will tell you he couldn’t be happier.  Dave is the manager of their Ft. Walton Beach store where he oversees daily operations and handles purchasing, sales, customer relations, and employee training.  “I enjoy the opportunities that come with being on the Kesco team.  Most of us have been together over 12 years with some new staff as well. This is one reason we are successful as a company. My team deserves a lot of credit for what they do every day.” says Dietle.

Dave is very committed to the SEFAPro program and is finding the product knowledge and relationships built to be very beneficial. “SEFA has by far provided the most comprehensive training program. I have enjoyed every opportunity to participate in a SEFA conference, academy, and webinar. We appreciate the level of professionalism by the group, the reps, and all the other dealers,” says Dietle.

A team of professionals with talent and drive, who have mutual respect for each other and their customers, benefit everyone around them.

Dave quickly and easily answered the question of who has most inspired him professionally and helped him to get to where he is today.  “Over the years, I have had a few great people in my career that have helped me to succeed. The Kesco family, Don and Linda Theriot along with Donnie Theriot, have by far been the ones I could count on for guidance, motivation, and respect. They have always allowed me to utilize my skill set and contribute to achieving the goals of the company. Being a part of this team of professionals continues to be the most rewarding part of my professional life,” says Dietle.

Dave lives in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida with his wife of 26 years, Patty. They have four grandchildren ages 12, 9, and twins who are 7. “Being a lifelong restauranteur, I love to cook and enjoy good food and good wine,” says Dietle.  Dave follows the Dodgers and the Miami Dolphins.

SEFA is proud to recognize Dave as Featured SEFAPro.  He is very professional, focused, and dedicated. He works hard and does what it takes to contribute to the success of Kesco and their customers. Congratulations, Dave!