Eric Hsieh, Action Sales, Monterey Park, California

Eric has been in the foodservice industry for six years. “Action Sales was my first job in foodservice. I was referred to the company by a friend who worked here. I was exposed to the foodservice industry at a young age. My family dined out very often and opened a restaurant in Seattle when I was young,” says Hsieh.

It’s no surprise that Eric was named FE&S DSR of the month in October of 2017. His role at Action is mainly training, project management and business development. “I love learning about new products and concepts so being able transmit that knowledge to new trainees is very enjoyable,” says Hsieh. On the projects side, he manages the equipment and tableware portion of a wide variety of projects by consolidating deliveries, meeting deadlines, and sourcing whatever the client requires. “I share thoughts on new products, food concepts and ideas to our team. We pool our knowledge and expertise to bring in new products to meet changing demands,” says Hsieh.

Knowledge, experience, and passion.  If you have that, you have it all. 

The main thing Eric enjoys about his position is the challenge of solving issues and learning more about the industry. “The foodservice industry is constantly changing and evolving so it is never boring. Accumulated knowledge and experience is very important so a passion for learning helps. I love being able to impart some of that knowledge to our new trainees,” says Hsieh.

Here’s what Jack Chang, Vice President of Action Sales, had to say, “Eric is a super star in project management and training. He always shares his knowledge and utilizes his experience to train fellow teammates. We are very proud of his achievements.”

Eric is very successful in the SEFAPro training program. “SEFA training has definitely helped me broaden my knowledge of the foodservice industry. The greatest part of SEFA training is the people you meet. The manufacturer trainers have extensive foodservice experience that extends beyond the manufacturer they currently work for and a few are directly involved in new product design. An open discourse with these people is invaluable to learning and a connection with them helps resolve future problems in the field.  Meeting other professionals in the same field at the National Sales Conferences has also helped me professionally. I have built rewarding relationships with other dealers local to me and across the country. Understanding how my peers work and deal with issues in our field gives me direction and a broader perspective of my own work,” says Hsieh.

“My grandfather has always been a great inspiration to me. He had the courage to move his family to America and without even understanding much English was able to raise my mother and her sister. His work ethic, detail, and integrity is something I aspire to,” says Hsieh.

Eric currently resides in Arcadia, California. His main hobby is reading. “I enjoy reading a wide variety of genres but my favorite is historical nonfiction. History is philosophy taught by example and I love learning. I also love eating and drinking which, luckily, helps in my field,” says Hsieh.

SEFA is proud to recognize Eric as Featured SEFAPro. The 110% he puts into everything he does makes it impossible for him to achieve anything short of success.  He is dedicated to the industry, Action Sales, his customers, and his colleagues. His passion for knowledge and his desire to share it with his team and his customers makes him a very valuable player in our industry.  Congratulations, Eric!