Lesa Forrest, State Restaurant Equipment, Las Vegas, NV

Lesa Forrest proudly admits that she found her place in the foodservice industry when Scott Miller gave her an opportunity to join State Restaurant Equipment. Aside from a couple of restaurant jobs when she was younger, she said she really didn’t have prior foodservice experience when she was hired.   In hindsight, she says she does sometimes refer to her younger restaurant days when working with customers.

Enjoyment of your work keeps your head clear for great visions and ideas.

Lesa has been with State Restaurant Equipment for four years and she loves it. Her role as an inside sales representative includes assistance with day-to-day operations, working on quotes, solving challenges, and meeting the customer’s needs.  She spends a lot of time learning about new products and enjoys helping customers realize opportunities to utilize foodservice equipment and supplies to increase productivity and efficiency in their operations.

Lesa is very successful in the SEFAPro training program. In fact, she was among the high achieving SEFAPros that earned the 2017 NAFEM Celebration trip.  “I enjoy learning new things about this industry and gaining knowledge that will allow me to be more helpful to my crew.  State Restaurant Equipment and SEFA give me the opportunity to meet people at all different phases of the foodservice industry and hear about their experiences, opportunities, and challenges.  SEFA training provides education on products with hands-on demos and full presentations of features and benefits. I learn something new from every National Sales Conference that I attend. In addition to the live training, it’s also very helpful to have the website library at my fingertips as a resource.   For a person without a lot of industry background,  the training resources are amazing,” says Forrest.

The best relationships are built with genuine sincerity.

We asked Lesa who inspires her. Her answer confirms that genuine sincerity you notice when you meet her. “I’m inspired by lots of people daily.  It’s amazing to me that there are so many people in the world doing things in such different ways.  Meeting people keeps me in awe at how powerful, unique, caring, bold, and special, we are as humans.  Everyone counts and has something different to offer.  I can’t really give credit to any one person, because God has always given me who I needed when I needed them, to get through this life.  My husband, children, and parents would get the most credit for helping me to get to where I am today. They are the reason for my drive, purpose, and success in life,” says Forrest.

Lesa is a mother of six and grandma of eleven, and counting.  She was born and raised in Chicago and is currently living in Las Vegas with her family.  She loves decorating and learning new ideas. Lesa is referred to as the DIY queen in her family.  If there is a job to be done, Lesa can learn how to do it.

SEFA is very proud to recognize Lesa Forrest as Featured SEFAPro.  She is a goal setter and a goal achiever. She has a thirst for knowledge and is a very focused, fast learner.  Lesa is successful at what she sets out to do. Her sincere and genuine disposition is a delight to everyone she meets.