Brandy Muniz, Manning Brothers, Athens, GA

Brandy joined the industry at the age of 15, when she started working for Chick-fil-A. She recalls her role to include taking orders, occasionally battering chicken, making Dream Cones, and of course scrubbing floors. She did whatever needed to be done – no surprise there. Following Chick-fil-A, she worked for Ryan’s Family Steakhouse, which she says was truly a wonderful experience. She made it a point to cross-train in every position while she was there. “Cross-training made me very valuable to the company, because if the dishwasher did not show, I could do it. If the grill needed a cook, I could do it. If the buffet needed stocking, I could do that. If the bakery cakes needed prep, yep, I could do it. If tables needed waiting or a cashier was needed, that was me too,” says Muniz.

Brandy left Ryan’s and moved on to work with animals for nine years at a boarding facility and veterinary hospital. “I have a HUGE love for animals, so this was something I really enjoyed,” says Muniz.

She had a beautiful baby boy named Brody in 2012, which is when she started to explore other opportunities. “I was looking for a change that would be more flexible and allow me to grow in my career, while raising my son,” says Muniz.

Success is when that perfect opportunity comes along that matches where you are going and utilizes where you have been.

In her search for new opportunities, she found the one that would change her life. “My Nana, Margie Secor, a long-time sales rep for Manning Brothers, told me about an open position that needed to be filled right away. I called, got an interview, and was offered the position. It was a no brainer. It has been the best thing I could have ever done for my son and for me. The people at Manning are amazing and it is truly like a family,” says Muniz. Brandy has been with Manning Brothers for 5-1/2 years and is currently an outside sales rep. She couldn’t be happier. Some of the accounts she handles include schools, churches, and small restaurants.

Chuck Day, President of Manning Brothers, had this to say about Brandy, “She is one of the first to jump into a project and get it to completion. She and I have been working on ways to boost her sales and she has made some suggestions that will help her build her customer base and help the company. She also LISTENS. I realize I talk A LOT, but Brandy writes it down and reports back to me what worked, what didn’t. We continue to grow as a team, and she is an integral part of that growth.”

Brandy loves everything about this industry. “This industry is interesting for sure. The thing I love most about what I do, is that every day I am learning something. No two jobs are the same. I am lucky to work for a company that encourages growth and product education. There are so many great mentors/tutors at Manning Brothers, people that have worked here for two and three decades. When I have questions or need help understanding something, there is always someone knowledgeable who is willing to help,” says Muniz.

Wonderful things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

Brandy is a very successful Level 3 SEFAPro. “SEFA training has helped me a lot. Product training is always a huge benefit for me, but the networking, I see more and more value from every day. I am typically a somewhat shy person, but we all know SEFA is big on networking. SEFA has definitely taught me that it is ok to come out of your comfort zone and talk to people, listen to people, and ask questions from others in the industry,” says Muniz.

This is what Brandy had to say when asked who inspires her and has helped her to get to where she is today, “As I mentioned before, my Nana has been a sales rep at Manning Brothers for over 30 years and that says a lot about this company and this Industry. Manning Brother’s President, Chuck Day, has always been so patient with me, and always encourages me to be organized and pay attention! I am so blessed to have a boss that wants me to succeed and is always willing to teach me. I love that he challenges me.”

Brandy lives in Lexington, located in Oglethorpe County, with her seven-year-old son Brody. “We love camping at the lake and being outside with our many animals. Brody is into playing basketball and soccer. Although, life is very busy for us, I would not trade the chaos for anything in the world! THANK YOU, CHUCK DAY AND SEFA,” says Muniz.

SEFA is very proud to recognize Brandy Muniz as Featured SEFAPro. She is a goal setter and a goal achiever. She has a thirst for knowledge and is a very focused learner. Brandy works hard with unlimited levels of perseverance. Her sincere and genuine disposition is a delight to everyone she meets. Congratulations, Brandy!