Raymond Fischer, EVI, Glenelg, MD

Raymond entered the foodservice industry as a restaurant construction superintendent in 1985, building an L&N Seafood Grill in Dallas. Starting out as a construction superintendent, Raymond built several restaurants in the mid-80’s for Ruby Tuesday.  They were growing at a rapid pace, and he was offered a position as a Project Coordinator, from which he moved to Director of Construction.  “We were managing the development of 40+ restaurants annually for, at one point, 6 concepts,” says Fischer.  In 2005, he went to work for Rosa Mexicano as Director of Construction, moving to VP of Development.  “I have been involved either as superintendent, project coordinator or department manager in the design and construction of over 350 restaurants,” says Fischer.

Raymond joined the EVI team in the spring of 2015 as Vice President of Operations. “I focus on the processes we use, helping to manage the day to day operations of the company.  Fortunately, EVI has extremely talented team members, so I get to mostly assist with problem solving.  Opportunities, or challenges, exist in all facets of the business – daily operations, employee training, client management, the ever-increasing impact of the internet on sales.  We are presented with almost endless opportunities to be a valuable partner to our clients and vendors,” says Fischer.

Raymond loves the foodservice industry and is extremely happy with the opportunity to be on the EVI team. “My position allows me to help shape the direction of EVI and to help solve problems for teammates and clients.  I believe I have a unique background, coming from the restaurant owners’ side of the business gives me a perspective that allows EVI to be an advocate for the kitchen in a way that few kitchen equipment consultants can.  The foodservice industry is dynamic – always evolving and presenting new opportunities,” says Fischer.

Raymond, who is fairly new to the SEFAPro program, has already started on his journey to reach new levels in the program.  He says he finds the SEFAPro program beneficial both professionally and on a personal level.  “Professionally, it’s a great resource for new employees coming into the business, there is a wealth of knowledge on the SEFA website which can shorten the learning curve on basic equipment knowledge.  Personally, being challenged by the SEFAPro program to put in the time to advance my own knowledge about the industry, manufacturers, and products has helped me learn about new products, and how to be more critical when comparing similar offerings from different manufacturers,” says Fischer.

The greatest rewards on a successful journey come from the relationships we build and the knowledge we gain from important people we meet along the way. 

We asked Raymond who has inspired him and helped him along the way to get to where he is today.  “Too many people to list!  My father started me off in construction trades at an early age.  Dan Bettis at Ruby Tuesday was a great role model for someone starting out on the owner’s side.  Howard Greenstone at Rosa Mexicano taught me a lot about the business of business, and encouraged personal growth and development for all of the executive team.  Lee Davis at SEFA was instrumental in my recently passing the CFSP exam.  Tom and Dana Lawson at EVI are fantastic and have shown great faith in bringing me onboard.  They encourage everyone to be a constant student of the industry,” says Fischer.

Raymond grew up in Dallas, Texas. He moved to Springfield, Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC in 1993. His sister still lives in Dallas in the home where he grew up.  “My hobbies include a passion for SCUBA diving. I’ve been a SCUBA diving instructor for over 30 years.  When time permits, I like getting out for a motorcycle ride.  Some people would tell you that renovating my house is a hobby.  Of course, food is an interest and I love to cook,” says Fischer.

SEFA is proud to recognize Raymond as Featured SEFAPro. The passion he has for the industry, his work, and his teammates at EVI is a testament to his character. Even with the knowledge and experience he has, he is dedicated to continued training and has a genuine thirst for knowledge. Congratulations, Raymond!