Jacob Snyder, Restaurant Depot & Jetro Cash and Carry

Jacob started as a baker and drive-through attendant at Tim Hortons when he was 17. At 18 he was a Manager at the same location. “While at Tim Hortons, I learned the day to day struggles of someone running a foodservice location, including managing staff and payroll, looking for ways to cut waste and increase profit, and how to treat customers,” says Snyder.

He jumped on an opportunity to work at Restaurant Depot and has been there for two years. “Restaurant Depot is just a fun company to work for. I love the people I work with and the fact that my bosses trust me enough to give me a long leash when it comes to new ideas and projects,” says Snyder.

Jacob is the Equipment and Supplies Manager at his store location. He maintains and stocks a department in the store with equipment and smallwares that customers can pick up in a cash and carry environment. He is also in charge of any equipment special orders and quotes on items that customers want to order. He says he also has the opportunity to travel from store to store throughout the Midwest to help with bi-yearly inventories.

Senior Buyer for the store, Russ DePaolis, had this to say about Jacob, “While Jacob has been with us for a short time, he has exhibited enthusiasm, determination, and desire to learn new things whenever possible. He is “all in” on the SEFA training programs and is eager to share what he learns with customers to help them make important buying decisions.”

 Finding your place with a company that brings out your best and offers opportunities to grow and learn is priceless.

“I love the fact that I get to help my customers and that there’s always more to learn! I enjoy helping customers choose the best product for their needs and coming up with innovative solutions that help streamline their kitchens. I almost always put a Chef Base on a quote. I enjoy that the foodservice industry is always changing. Innovations are happening every day and you have to keep up with them if you are going to succeed. There’s also such diversity in this industry. It doesn’t matter what experiences or background you have, if you provide a good service or make a good product people are going to come back,” says Snyder.

In addition to the progression he is making through the SEFAPro program in the areas of product knowledge, personal development, and safety operations, he has completed 70 SEFA SPECS online training courses! “SEFAPro training gives me the knowledge needed and the comfort level to help customers with their questions and recommend the right products for the task. I also know where to look and who to contact if I have questions. The Specs online courses are great and I recommend them to everyone. The amount of knowledge I gained and retained just from the E&S 101 and Sales 101 courses is astonishing. These courses have shaped the way that I sell equipment daily,” says Snyder.

Jacob is inspired by the professionals at Restaurant Depot who help him to be successful. He is very grateful for the high level of support. “I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I do without the support of my Branch Manager Charles Schneider, Senior Buyer Russ DePaolis, and Director of Operations Gary Stiglitz. All three are there for back up when I need it and they allow me the ability to try new methods of selling,” says Snyder.

Jacob lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “I’ve played tennis my entire life and love it. I also enjoy going to the Detroit Zoo with friends and watching The Mandalorian,” says Snyder. Life is good for Jacob.

SEFA is proud to recognize Jacob Snyder as January’s Featured SEFAPro. Jacob is dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and learning about new equipment and supply solutions. He is willing to put in the time and hard work it takes to be the best he can for Restaurant Depot and the customers. He is a true asset to the foodservice industry. Congratulations, Jacob!