Pam Chereskin, Economy Restaurant Equipment, San Marcos, California

Pam has been in the foodservice Industry for forty years. She has a BS from Cal Poly, Pomona in Nutrition Administration.  When she graduated she started her career in fast food management.  Pam was a foodservice supervisor at Universal Studios where over 90,000 meals were served per day from a variety of locations and themed kiosks.  Following Universal Studios, Pam transitioned to school foodservice. As an end user, she was involved in the purchasing of equipment, maintaining equipment, and in some cases designing portions of the equipment and arranging for its fabrication.

Pam joined Economy Restaurant Equipment in July of 2015 as a sales team member.  When she joined Economy, she discovered a whole new world of foodservice that she loves.

It’s not a coincidence that people who cherish and respect their relationships, have relationships that last a lifetime.

Pam is very grateful for all of the many opportunities that come with a career at Economy. “Economy is dedicated to making sure that I have every opportunity to learn about all sides of the equipment selling side of the industry.  Since my first day, I have had access to the SEFA training and have been encouraged to participate.  I have been to a SEFA Academy and four SEFA National Sales Conferences. The opportunities are endless.  Because of Economy and SEFA, I had the opportunity to travel to the 2017 NAFEM Show. I also had an opportunity to take a factory tour of True Manufacturing at the last National Sales Conference I attended,” says Chereskin.

Pam says the training events also give her the opportunity to meet the other wonderful members of the SEFA family. “We can call on each other for help, different outlooks, and ideas. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Another huge bonus of SEFA training is building relationships with the manufacturers. I rely daily on the relationships I’ve built with the suppliers.  I know I can call on these key professionals for information to help my customers,” says Chereskin.

Pam enjoys the fact that no two days are alike. She enjoys building relationships with her customers and loves the fact that she has many repeat customers that rely on her for their equipment needs. She never knows what new challenge a customer may present, but welcomes them with open arms.

When your place of employment brings you daily inspiration and gratitude, you have hit the jackpot.

We asked Pam who inspires her or has helped her to get to where she is today and she said the Economy team. “Economy has a phenomenal team and they help me on a daily basis,” says Chereskin.

Pam currently resides in Leucadia, California with her husband Sam.  She enjoys making jewelry for herself and her friends.  She fosters puppies for a local animal shelter. Pam and her husband like to ski, ride their bikes, and travel.  “We have been to many states to try out the local cuisine that we see on the Food Network. We also do things like the Bourbon Festival in Kentucky. Our son is in the industry too. He is now making Vodka (Misadventure & Company) as his profession,” says Chereskin.

SEFA is proud to recognize Pam as Featured SEFAPro. She is genuine and truly enjoys life.  Her dedication to Economy, her customers, and the industry is over the top. She is sincerely grateful for new opportunities that come her way and for the relationships that she’s built. Pam is currently a Level 2 SEFAPro and continues to reach new levels in the SEFAPro training program. Congratulations, Pam!