Melanie LeBlanc, Horizon Equipment, Eagan, Minnesota

Melanie realized her passion for the foodservice industry when she was only four years old.

True passion for something real to you, never goes away. Embrace and pursue.

“My grandparents owned a small-town restaurant that I spent weekends at as a child. When I was 4 years old, I started taking people’s orders and loved it!  My family nicknamed me “restaurant girl” and helped me develop my love for the industry. I found a lot of joy in seeing the smiles on the customer’s faces and the pleasure my grandmother’s food brought them,” says LeBlanc.

Melanie made her entrance to the industry official when she took a job at a bakery. She remembers always being curious about how the equipment worked and how the operator decided on which pieces were needed for the business.

Following the bakery, she found herself in the construction business for ten years.  Melanie learned to read plans and problem-solve jobsite issues.  While working in the construction industry, she realized how much she missed being around foodservice. She took a chance and applied for a position at a foodservice equipment dealer. “It turned out to be a great choice for me. I really enjoy every aspect of this industry including kitchen layouts, equipment, and tabletop supplies. I worked on everything from small mom and pop restaurants to national accounts. I enjoy presenting opportunities to help customers find their dream business,” says LeBlanc.

Working with professionals you respect and having the opportunity to help them bring their vision to life… it doesn’t get better than that. 

Horizon, which specializes in equipment, design, and partnering with restaurateurs to bring their vision to life, is a perfect fit for Melanie. Happily enjoying a project management role at Horizon, Melanie has been on the team for three years.  She is currently a project manager for multiple sales team members. Her role includes project quoting, purchasing, installation logistics, and billing. “I enjoy starting out with a blank canvas, coordinating with all the trades, and working together to create a location that owners are delighted with and the public can’t wait to experience.  Working on projects with the focus of moving them along as smoothly as possible is something I really enjoy.  As we all know, our industry has surprises waiting for us on every project. I have started working on growing my own book of business and compiling all the wisdom within my company,” says LeBlanc.

Melanie is very successful in the SEFAPro training program.  She is currently a Level 2 and climbing. “Each SEFA conference is better than the last. The networking with other SEFA members has been very helpful. The training and networking have boosted my confidence. The opportunity to ask fellow industry pros about their strengths and how they’ve handled challenging opportunities in the field is extremely beneficial,” says LeBlanc.

Melanie credits her parents and family for inspiring her passion to stay on the foodservice path. “They see the happiness this industry brings me,” says LeBlanc.

Melanie lives in Bloomington, Minnesota. She has a 29-year-old son and two daughters, ages 25 and 18. She also enjoys spending time with her three-year-old grandson. Her hobbies include making cards, knitting, taking fun road trips, fishing in the summer and on the ice, gardening, and her wine/book club. She’s also in the process of compiling family recipes to create a treasured cookbook for all to have.

SEFA is proud to recognize Melanie LeBlanc as Featured SEFAPro. She is genuine and sincere. She brings talent and expertise to the table while maintaining an intelligent focus and passion for the industry. Melanie is dedicated and loyal to Horizon Equipment and their customers. The love she has for her family, along with her desire to help others and build successful professional relationships, speaks volumes about her character.