Kurt Maschari, Best Restaurant Equipment & Design, Inc.
Featured SEFAPRO Ambassador

“I wasn’t born into the foodservice industry. I was born for it,” says Kurt Maschari, Vice President of Sales & Vendor Relations for Best Restaurant Equipment & Design. Kurt started at a very young age on the operation side of the business. Among his many roles working at restaurants and country clubs, he has bussed tables, cooked, served, bartended, and managed. He loves the restaurant industry and is grateful for the opportunities he’s had learning and working in every aspect of a foodservice operation.

When asked, he describes his current role as Player-Coach. Kurt’s responsibilities include sales management, vendor relations and ranking, rebate management, and project design. Kurt’s background on the dealer side of the business is heavy in design and build applications.

What Kurt enjoys most about this business are restaurant openings. “Taking a project from the initial vision and concept through the process of install to the final opening is very rewarding. There is nothing like the excitement and energy at a restaurant opening. Walking through the restaurant, participating in the mock training, and having the opportunity to experience the grand opening with the restaurant owners and team is so inspiring and enjoyable,” says Maschari. It’s also a new cool place for Kurt and his family and friends to frequent whenever they are in town, which he is known to do.

Kurt is a strong advocate for SEFA training and takes his SEFAPRO Ambassador role very seriously. He believes in the value, benefits, and opportunities it brings to professionals in this industry. “Even though salespeople are taken off the street to attend SEFA training, the pay-off is huge every time. You can’t put a price tag on the incredible value it brings. The National Sales Conferences provide product knowledge that increases confidence and helps sales pros recommend the right product for the application. The connections with the manufacturers and fellow dealers are priceless and turn into long-term partnerships, relationships, mentors, and sometimes a helpline in a pinch. These relationships are morale boosters in a challenging industry climate that we can all relate to and understand. SEFA Academy offers both personal and professional benefits, skills, and knowledge that are crucial for success,” says Maschari.

Kurt offered to share a few things he’s learned as SEFAPRO Ambassador. “Be an advocate for your SEFAPROs, whether it’s to encourage the salesperson or members of the leadership team. Light the spark and provide information about the opportunities and possibilities. Know the individual, and their strengths and motivations, to direct the best starting point for SEFA training,” says Maschari.

Kurt lives and conveys the mentality to follow your passions and never think you know everything there is to know. Don’t be afraid to learn more. Be sure to pick up on the personal connections you make at SEFA training events; they are so valuable. The more industry and product knowledge you have, the more confident you are in advising your customers and providing solutions. In this industry, hard work pays off in spades, and the relationships developed along the way are priceless.

Kurt lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his beautiful wife of eleven years, Jen. They have three English Bulldogs. He enjoys playing tennis and partaking in occasional golf outings. If it wasn’t for the foodservice industry, you might have contracted Kurt as a handyman. He enjoys working on projects, especially building and renovating furniture. He also likes helping people. If he can help a friend or neighbor with a project, he’s there! You won’t find him sitting around; he likes to keep moving.

SEFA is proud to recognize Kurt Maschari as our first Featured SEFAPRO Ambassador! The SEFAPRO Ambassador position was created to encourage a more collaborative, experience-driven approach to learning about the SEFAPRO Program. The designated Ambassador at each dealership serves as the program’s champion, assisting colleagues in navigating SEFAPRO training.