Sarah Auge, B&G Restaurant Supply, Pittsfield, MA

If you’ve attended SEFA training, chances are Sarah Auge of B&G is someone you know and love. This is definitely the sentiment of SEFAPros, Supplier Trainers, and the SEFA team.  We first recognized Sarah as a Featured SEFAPro in 2004, at the very inception of the SEFAPro program.

Sarah has been in the foodservice industry for 26 years. She started working at Jimmy’s Restaurant at the age of 14. During her early years, she held positions as a waitress, bartender, and banquet server. “I also, along with my sisters, have grown up helping my mother with her cake business,” says Auge.

Sometimes an opportunity is presented, a decision is made, and our life is changed forever.

Joining B&G was a milestone for Sarah. “I was working at a bank when Gloria Powers said she was looking for someone in the office to fill the accounts payable position that had just opened.  Tired of counting other people’s money, I said sure and the rest is history,” says Auge. Sarah has been with B&G for 19 years and couldn’t be happier.

Sarah started her career at B&G with an Accounts Payable position, while also helping the two outside salespeople with their orders.  “When the outside sales reps retired, I took over most of their accounts.  As B&G grew, I moved out of accounting and concentrated primarily on sales,” says Auge.  Sarah is now the Regional Sales Manager.  Her accounts include Mohegan Sun Casino both in Connecticut and Pennsylvania, along with UCONN, Canyon Ranch, and New Haven Public Schools, just to name a few.  She also assists in purchasing and inventory management at their Pittsfield location. “I love that no matter how long I have been doing this, I still learn something new every single day,” says Auge.

B&G has always stressed the importance of training and has been a strong supporter of the SEFAPro program.  Sarah has been very successful in the program since day one. She has achieved the highest level in the program and is currently a Level 7 SEFAPro. She is ServSafe Certified and has recently earned her CFSP. Sarah loves participating in training and helping others around her. “SEFA has helped me more than they will ever know.  All the lifelong friendships and connections I have made are priceless to me!  I know I can pick up the phone and call anyone of my SEFA family members and they would be there!  From a professional standpoint, the training is invaluable!  Every time I leave a training, I know the information I just left with will help me almost daily,” says Auge.

Happiness is… being inspired by someone very special.

We asked Sarah who has inspired her and helped her to be successful. “Gloria Powers started this company from nothing back in 1985.  I only wish she were here to see us at #47 on FE&S Magazine’s 2019 Distribution Giants!  I feel honored to know I am a part of the amazing growth of B&G.  Gloria worked every single day and made it look effortless!  She barely ever raised her voice and kept calm in many stressful situations.  She always pushed me to do my best knowing there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do, if I tried.  There is a picture of Gloria and her husband Bernie on top of my desk and I look at it every day!  She was truly a class act and I am still here because of her!” says Auge.

Sarah lives in Pittsfield with her partner Bill and their two gorgeous daughters, Sadiya and Peyton.  Singing is her passion and she is currently involved with an organization that does dinner shows to raise money for different organizations/charities.  “My family and I like to go camping. We just love spending time with each other.  I am a major New England sports fan and the New England Patriots football team is my other passion!  Anyone who has ever sat with me during a game while away at a conference knows about that!  I also love the Boston Celtics, the Red Sox, cooking, movies, and any “Paint and Sips” I can attend,” says Auge.

SEFA is proud to recognize Sarah Auge, for a second time as Featured SEFAPro.  She is passionate, professional focused, and fun.  She works hard with a get-it-done attitude. Sarah is a natural leader and sets a great example of what it means to be successful. Congratulations, Sarah!