Kaylin Coequyt, IS Restaurant Design Equipment & Supply

Sioux Falls, SD


Kaylin started her journey in the foodservice industry nine years ago. She worked on the catering team for the South Dakota University campus while attending college. After graduation, she became a restaurant manager at a local Country Club in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While exploring the foodservice industry consultant side, Kaylin happily joined the team at IS Restaurant Design Equipment & Supply as a project coordinator in the fall of 2016.  “I enjoy seeing large projects come to life,” says Coequyt.

Kaylin prepares bids and ensures projects are on track and progressing as they should. She submits purchase orders, gathers shop drawings, tracks/monitors orders, and executes installs. When installs are complete, she enters and follows up punch list items and closeout documentation.

“I thrive in a fast-paced environment and enjoy the variety of complex projects I get to work on, and no one day is the same. Due to the complexity of various large projects, I have an acute attention to detail and am highly organized. I enjoy working with a diverse clientele and communicating clearly and effectively with team members,” says Coequyt.

Kaylin is very successful in the SEFAPro program.  She is a Level 2 SEFAPro and climbing.  “I take pride in always being open to learning something new as I understand the industry is continuously changing and expanding to serve customers and clients more rapidly and efficiently. I enjoy taking on new projects that can help build upon my current knowledge and skillsets,” says Coequyt.

In addition to Kaylin’s participation in SEFA National Sales Conferences, she is very active in the Specs Online E-Learning Platform.  “The SPECS courses are a huge benefit, both personally and professionally. In addition to self-improvement, the SPECS courses have helped me develop goals, be a better communicator, and master conflict. The course that stood out to me the most was the emotional intelligence section.  With this industry being fast-paced and high stress, I recognized my behaviors and habits and reflected on how I could improve and change them going forward,” says Coequyt.

Kaylin lives in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. “I enjoy traveling and the outdoors, especially family morning walks downtown Sioux Falls along the Big Sioux River with a cup of coffee. On the flip side, with my obsession with egg white cocktails, I love shaking and mixing up new recipes! Since it is a universal truth that everyone loves food and beverages, I enjoy hosting and entertaining friends and family in the summertime with cookouts that bring great company!” says Coequyt.

SEFA is proud to recognize Kaylin as Featured SEFAPro.  Her focus, dedication, and passion for learning make her a valuable asset to her customers, IS Restaurant Design Equipment & Supply, and the foodservice industry. Congratulations, Kaylin!