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Admiral Craft – Mixing it Up

By Lee Davis, CFSP


Admiral Craft equipment Corp, (“Adcraft”) is now “mixing it up” with three choices in heavy duty commercial planetary mixers, offering 10, 20 and 30 quart models. The PM-10 features a 0.75 HP motor; the PM-20 a 1.5 HP motor, and the PM-30 a powerful 2.4 HP motor.


Adcraft planetary mixers come with three fixed speeds, and a direct drive, 100% gear driven transmission, that allows them to maintain consistent mixing speeds no matter how much product is in the bowl. Each model includes a stainless steel mixing bowl, a wire whisk, a dough hook, and flat beater attachment. The 20 and 30 quart models also come with 60 minute timers and a #12 hub for meat grinding attachments.


These mixers have all the additional safety and stability features you’d expect in a planetary mixer including stainless steel wire bowl guards, stainless steel bowl clamps, and rubber inserts on the feet. They come with a 120V, 5’ long power cord and NEMA 5-15 plug. They are ETL Listed and backed by Adcraft’s 1 year replace or repair warranty.


The appeal of planetary mixers is their versatility. With the variety of speeds and attachments, they can be used for blending, mixing, folding, creaming, kneading, whipping, beating, aerating and more. They can handle a wide variety of mixing tasks for small bakeries, restaurants and delis. But there is a place for them in larger operations as well.


I recently spoke to a bakery operator who already had a 100 quart planetary mixer on the floor. Her issue was that her big machine was often tied up with smaller jobs making creams, frosting and smaller batches of batter, when it was needed for mixing and kneading large batches of dough. An Adcraft PM-30 was a perfect secondary/back-up mixer for her operation.


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