About SEFA

Who We Are

SEFA, LLC (Supply & Equipment Foodservice Alliance) is a nationwide network of leading supply and equipment dealers and manufacturers. Founded in 1986, by Tedde Reid, SEFA has grown to be the industry’s leading foodservice buying, marketing, and training group.

Our Mission

To enhance the profitability and competitiveness of our Members while providing loyalty and growth to our Supplier Partners.

Our Vision

To be the most ethically sound, financially rewarding and socially responsible network of leading foodservice equipment and supply dealers

Our Core Values



Entrepreneurial Spirit



Contact SEFA

20 N Martingale Rd, Suite 410
Schaumburg, IL 60173



The SEFA Management Team

Kelly Cain

Chief Executive Officer

Kelly joined the SEFA team in September 2016. Kelly boasts twenty years of financial experience as well as experience in strategic planning and execution, human resources, project management, budgeting, and staff development. She also has buying group experience in another industry with both manufacturers and distributors. Kelly has been with both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial companies, and we are confident that her expertise will be most valuable to SEFA.

Joe Ricciardi

Vice President of Operations

Joe joined the SEFA Management Team in the summer of 2014. He brings extensive experience in supply chain management, marketing analytics, sales management, and nearly 25 years of leadership experience from his time serving in the armed forces. Joe has been charged with strategic planning, program management, finance, and business development. This past May, Joe earned his Ph.D in Values-Driven Leadership from Benedictine University in Lisle, IL. Since 1990, Joe has served his country on three tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq as Colonel in the Army. His leadership experience will help push SEFA to a bright future.

Chris Perrotte

Vice President of Marketing

Chris joined SEFA in 1995 as a member of the marketing team. Chris has kept SEFA’s marketing offerings ahead of the times from the first print pieces she designed, on through the department’s latest digital marketing initiatives. Under Chris’s direction, the marketing department has expanded into digital and social media marketing. As Chris has continued to develop new marketing tools, she’s kept the SEFA Dealers’ needs at the forefront, helping them to reach their end users in new and innovative ways. Chris is the creative mind that keeps SEFA Marketing and SEFA Dealers ahead of the competition.

Sandra VanBuren

Director of Strategy & Business Operations

Sandra coordinates and leads the SEFA team in developing important and ground breaking initiatives. As a qualified accountant, Sandra holds a Bachelors of Business Administration degree from Pace University. In her most recent roles, Sandra was responsible for Growth strategy, Acquisitions/Merger coordination, IT development and implementation, and financial planning and reporting. Sandra joined the SEFA team in February 2018.

The SEFA Staff

Valerie Biamonte


Valerie primarily works on reconciling and distributing rebate and incentive dollars as well as SEFA’s Rebate Protection Program. She is also a member of Team Max. Valerie started with SEFA in April 1998.

Suzanne Guido

Executive Business Administrator

Suzanne joined the SEFA team in July 2019.  Suzanne earned a Bachelors degree in Business Management and brings over 13 years of high level Administrative experience in keeping executives and business owners organized and prioritized. She provides executive support in a one on one working relationship to the Office of the CEO. Suzanne is the primary point of contact and liaison to the Board of Managers and the Senior Management Teams. Suzanne also has a background with over six years of experience in Digital Marketing and eCommerce retail, that has helped her focus on achieving sales goals with the understanding of what is relevant to the online retail customer.

Devyn Kelly

Program Success Manager

Devyn is responsible for putting together the annual Program Highlights document. She also administers the esteemed SEFAPro Program. Devyn started with SEFA in October 2008.

Carla Landi

Marketing Communications

Carla is SEFA’s principal graphic designer and video editor. She contributes to all of SEFA’s print marketing tools and several of SEFA’s digital marketing tools. Carla started at SEFA in May 1999.

Joe Legions

Programs Analyst

Joe is a driving force in the evolution of SEFA’s financial reports, including Incentive Status Reports and APC Reports for SEFA Dealers. Joe is a member of Team Max. Joe started with SEFA in June 2010.

Brigitte Lichter

Office Manager

In addition to answering the phones, Brigitte assists Dealers and Suppliers alike when it’s time to register for SEFA conferences. She also helps in the planning and execution of SEFA conferences. Brigitte started at SEFA in March 2004.

Kim Lorang

Members Services Consultant

Kim helps to create and implement programs for our Members, with a heavy focus on our Marketplace. Kim’s background in business consulting lends well to coordinating programs that help our Members integrate resources and services that will benefit their businesses and employees. Kim joined the SEFA team January 2019.

Stephen Mills

Senior Solutions Architect

Stephen supports our Dealers in the area of ERP. His unique perspective and subject matter expertise on the complex intersection of contemporary ERP systems, and the commercial transactions that occur across the many areas of distribution and project-based businesses, will be instrumental in supporting the ERP challenges facing our Dealer community. Stephen joined the SEFA team March 2019.

Ken Minnich

Senior Instructional Designer

Ken leads the development of SEFA training curricula. He collaborates with internal team members and external subject matter experts to discern training needs, drive curriculum development, and deliver effective learning solutions that support the professional development and skill building needs of our adult learner audience. Utilizing his expertise in interactive design practices, e-learning, adult learning principles, training evaluation and validation, Ken is focused on elevating SEFA training to the next level. Ken joined the SEFA team February 2019.

Yolanda Ortiz

Meeting & Events Manager

Yolanda plans and executes the SEFA conferences. Prior to and during conferences, she acts as the liaison between the hotel and SEFA. She also helps ensure each attendee has a great experience. Yolanda started with SEFA in June 2014.

Judy Perkins

Marketing Assistant

Judy gathers information back from Dealers and Suppliers for their annual Marketing Packages and organizes data/deliverables for all of SEFA’s marketing tools. She keeps the department running smoothly. Judy started with SEFA in July 1998.

The SEFA Founders

Tedde Reid


Jim Reid


Tedde and Jim Reid are the co-founders of SEFA, LLC. From merely a dream in 1986, they created an organization that today has grown to be the industry’s leading foodservice buying, marketing, and training group. Tedde and Jim retired from SEFA June of 2017.