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Walco Collapsible Chafer Storage Containers

By Lee Davis, CFSP


I recently found myself standing in a hotel’s banquet storage area, gazing upon several leaning towers of chafing dish bases, covers, roll tops, leg assemblies, and fuel holders. They’d all been stacked there, rather haphazardly, during the wee hours of the morning on January 1st, by an exhausted banquet staff, after they had finished up a very busy holiday season working the big New Year’s Eve bash.


Easter was now soon approaching, and many of the chafing dishes had dents, scratches, missing parts, broken handles, and broken or bent legs. Some of this was no doubt due to normal wear and tear, but much of it was caused by the way they were being stored. Since that day, I’ve witnessed similar storage problems in quite a few hotels and restaurants. “Chafing dishes just weren’t designed to be stacked” said one of the chefs that I talked to regarding the matter.


Luckily, Walco Stainless has introduced a great solution in the form of their Collapsible Chafer Storage Containers. These containers are sturdy, polymer boxes, that are stackable, and designed for storing chafing dishes. They measure 34” x 24” and come with an attached folding top. They protect your chafing dishes during transport and storage, and also keep them clean during the off season.


What distinguishes Walco’s Collapsible Chafer Containers from similar storage containers is that when not in use, they easily collapse down into a much smaller package, about 1/3 the original size. They can even be folded up and stored beneath draped banquet tables, out of sight, and out of the way.


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