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Vulcan Jacketed Kettles

Vulcan Jacketed KettlesBy Carla Landi, Matt Kurnick and Kevin Corral

It’s true. Little has changed in kettles over the years. But, the recent small adjustments made on the Vulcan jacketed kettles make a huge difference in ease-of-use for operators.

The biggest adjustment Vulcan has made is to the controls. Rather than a standard numbering system, Vulcan has implemented  a knob with three main settings; warm, simmer, and boil. This takes much of the guesswork out of setting the kettle to the desired temperature. An addition that Vulcan has made to its kettles is that they come standard with embossed, true working capacity gallon markings. This provides end users the convenience of knowing how much liquid the kettle contains at any given moment without the worry of overfilling the kettle. For example, if the 60-gallon kettle is filled with 60 gallons of liquid, there’s available room in the kettle so the liquid can be stirred without overflowing. A third upgrade on the Vulcan kettles is the heavy-duty reinforced rim. The rim is now built to take the everyday beating of a busy foodservice operation.

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