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Vulcan Flexible Endurance Ranges

By Carla Landi

Vulcan Endurance Ranges are known for quality and performance. But, do you know all the features and customization options they provide to cater to your specific operation?  

Flexible Endurance Ranges offer more than 300 different range configurations allowing operators to create the ultimate cooking station for their menu and workflow. Foodservice professionals can construct a cook line with the number of burners they desire and mix and match with manual or thermostatic griddles, charbroilers, convection, and standard ovens, and even add refrigerated drawer bases for the most efficient workflow. The ability to create a custom cooking station from 12” to 72” can make all the difference in busy foodservice kitchens. 


Vulcan’s flash tube pilot system provides a single pilot between two burners to protect the pilot from going out from spills or boil-overs. Fewer pilots reduce energy consumption, saving an average of more than $300 a year for a six-burner range. That’s just one of the many benefits that Vulcan Endurance Ranges bring to foodservice operations. Watch the video where the owner of Bang Bang Burger illustrates how Vulcan improved his operation.