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What We like About Vulcan Endurance Ranges

By Lee Davis, CFSP


I recently attended a product-training event with Roxanne Holt, Business Development Manager for Vulcan Ranges. The topic was Vulcan’s Endurance Range. It wasn’t my first look at the Endurance line of Medium Duty ranges, but I certainly was impressed with all the new information I received. Here is what stood out for me.



The medium-duty Endurance Range features heavy duty welded construction on a MIG welded stainless steel frame. Examine the interior. You won’t find screws or rivets. Even the crumb tray is welded.



Gas stoves have been around since the 1820s. Who would have thought that after 200 years of innovation, somebody would have thought of a technological improvement for the workhorse of every commercial kitchen. The Endurance line incorporates a Shrouded Flash Tube Pilot System instead of standard pilot lights. The shrouded pilots are protected from boil-overs and grease spills, and with Vulcan’s flash tubes, a six burner range can run with three lights instead of six. It saves hundreds of dollars a year in gas used just to keep the pilots on.



The Endurance line is a medium-duty offering with heavy-duty options. They offer more than 300 standard configurations, and if you don’t see what you want, just ask. They’ll assemble it. Top options include open burners, manual & thermostatic griddles, raised griddle broilers, and char-broilers. Soon to come, Vulcan will also offer the Endurance Range with a Hot Top: a large flat cooking surface, similar to a griddle, but designed to hold the weight of multiple pots and pans. As for range bottoms, you can opt for a three-rack oven with easy-adjustable thermostats, or a refrigerated base built by Vulcan’s sister company, Traulsen. Given a wide enough range, you can have both.



Vulcan uses a modular approach to building the Endurance Range. Some configurations are in stock and ready to ship within two days. Others can be assembled from par-built bodies and shipped within 7 days. You don’t need to settle for what the local dealer has on their showroom floor or wait six weeks for a special order. When your range arrives, the modules are easily disassembled and reassembled to get them through small doors and tight spaces.


There is much more to like about Vulcan’s line of Endurance Range, but this is what really stood out in the presentation I attended. To learn more, go to